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A tip or two on make-up

Posted by: Phat Mama, 30-Nov-2010

The short make-up session I had at The Body Shop’s Christmas merchandise launch was very informative. I learned how to make my eyes look bigger than they really are, thanks to The Body Shop’s beauty artist Vinz. I hope I got his name right because we didn’t get to exchange cards as there were so many eager women waiting to have their sessions as well.

Everyone was keen to try something from The Body Shop Christmas range.

Vinz taught me how to make my eyes “pop” just by using the most minimal amount of eye make-up products. I do not use eye shadows and even if I do it would be something so very basic unless I am attending a high-end reception where I have to “doll-up”.

All Vinz did was apply a thin layer of eyeliner on my eyes, close to my top eyelashes. He used basic black wet eyeliner and then powdered the area to hold the eyeliner in place.

Vinz taught me how to make my eyes "pop".

A friend of mine who was watching Vinz did his magic gasped when she noticed how wide-opened my right eye was compared to the left eye, which Vinz had left bare just to show the difference.

As a final touch he applied mascara on my lashes for a bit of glam. He advised not to brush out the mascara but instead leave it as it is to avoid any sticky mess.

I then confided in him I have trouble looking for the right colors for my lips and cheeks. I hate most of what I have and browns have always been my favourites.

“That is why it is important to try your beauty items before purchasing them,” he laughed.

Vinz picked out two lipsticks and two lip-glosses that I can use for day and night.

Cute live "props"...

I’m dark-skinned and so Vinz suggested I use bronze and orangey tones, which will bring out my colours brilliantly. So thank you Vinz for the beautiful applications and choice of colors. My friends kept commenting on how apt your choice and how they gave me a totally different look altogether. And that’s a positive, my friends.

Lastly, Vinz picked out a blusher in shades of browns for me and showed me how to apply them on my cheeks.

Well, that was one fruitful lesson. I walked home with these new items in my bag and will be visiting the store again to get some more new stuff now that I know what looks good on me.