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Bonding through arts and crafts

Posted by: Phat Mama, 28-Nov-2010

Erra Fazira launched her online art club recently surrounded by more than 50 children with their parents in tow.  

Erra and "Mr Friedrich Staedtler" at the launch of Erra Art Club.

The launch was held at art school My Favourite Art House (my F.A.H.) in Tropicana City Mall.

Erra’s Erra Fazira Art Club ( had gone through in-depth research by the owner herself because she wants to make sure the club serves the very reason it was started in the first place.

One thing Erra said she noticed while she was doing the research was that parents are still not giving 100% encouragement to their children who have the interest in art.

“This is the most interactive activities that encourage both child and parent to foster a stronger relationship and yet it is the least encouraged,” she said.

Eager children gather around Mr Friedrich to get one of Staedtler's handmade pencils.

Developing a child’ creative skills through art plays an essential part of a child’s development, a fact Erra observed while spending time with her almost 2-year-old daughter Engku Aleesya Engku Emran, doing arts and crafts.

“This set me thinking how and art club can help in our child’s emotional and mental growth,” she said.

The young mother speaks of the many hours spent with her daughter with much affection, loving every moment watching Aleesya “absorb information” like a sponge.

“It is a joy to watch (her, absorbing information) but also scary,” se said.

Erra wants to spread the joy she feels watching Aleesya grow to even more children and parents and the club serves as her channel to her vision.

Perhaps, one of Erra’s biggest achievements where the club is concerned is her collaboration with Staedtler as the main sponsor for art material used in the club’s activities.

“I grew up on Staedtler,” said Erra, recalling her school days using the brand’s Noris pencils and that “famous Staedtler color pencils with the colorful sail ship on the front of the box.”

Erra Art Club is for young and old.

The Erra-Staedtler collaboration also makes Erra the first partnership ever created by Staedtler worldwide. Staedtler’s Chairman, Board of Directors, Staedtler Malaysia Gerhard Wuestendoerfer was all praise to Erra’s new venture, saying he is touched with the star’s vision in reaching out to children, especially the less fortunate.

Erra and her team have already kicked off several of the club’s activities taking place in various locations in the Klang Valley. More are in store for the already 100 over members especially in the New Year.

“There will be a lot more contests, shows and excursions,” said Erra, who will be actively participating in the trips at least once a month so as to connect with the members.

Membership is free and it is opened to anyone from three to four years old.

“Mothers and other adults are welcomed too,” said Erra. “We have no age limit. If you love art, you can join us,” she added.

To know more of the club and its activities, visit them online.