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New club to launch

Posted by: Phat Mama, 18-Nov-2010

Tomorrow will be such an exciting day for me as a new art club will be launched.

As an artist myself, albeit an amateur, I applaud and support any move that promotes activities through art.

Malaysian celebrity Erra Fazira has started an art club of her own, which she called the Erra Art Club. There will be an official launch tomorrow at MyF.A.H. (My Favourite Art House) in Tropicana City Mall in Petaling Jaya first thing tomorrow morning.

I see this as a great move and it being mooted by an artiste makes it even more special and meaningful. And I am not talking about the glamour that comes with an artist but the very idea and concept linked to artistic endeavours.

As an artist Erra lives and breathes the artistic world. The people that surrounds her are mostly from the creative sections of life - models and musicians, artists, beauticians, designers - and the list trails behind her like that of an elaborate evening gown.

So her choice of starting an art school is apt for the business that she is already in.

Part of the reason Erra started on this venture is her "dream" for her daughter.

"I want nothing more but to cultivate the seed of exploration (in her)," Era said in her message board placed in the invitation card to the launch.

The journey of discovering creative boundaries where no rules apply," she added. "For the next generation of creative people, I thought an Art Club would be the perfect way to start the process."

Erra's latest adventure will involve the commitment of Staedtler, the makers of fine writing instruments in Germany since 1835.

Word has it this is the first time ever that Staedtler is tying up with a Malaysian celebrity for their products worldwide. This is an interesting development, especially for Malaysians and Erra herself.

I will bring in more news after I have attended the event tomorrow. Erra Art Club already has a website, which will be announced tomorrow. More news to come ;)