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Nimble feet night

Posted by: Phat Mama, 3-Nov-2010

Last weekend was a special moment for me. Before the weekend arrived I spent time with one of my best friends at Valisereís 150th Anniversary Party at JW Marriott on Thursday night. The next morning I travelled to Sepang to witness the Golden Palm Tree International Dance Championship that took place the whole of Friday.

Participants from more than 18 countries converged at the Golden Palm Tree Resort & Spa in Sepang Goldcoast over the weekend to compete for the various awards. Thailand sent what looked like a bus-load of extremely talented young contestants. And Malaysia was well-represented as well and took home a few awards.

The battle started at 9am on Saturday morning and continued till 4pm with the winners of the different categories announced at the end of the day. The finale was the grand closing ceremony where winners did several special performances for guests and media.

Watching the dancers twirl and conquer the dance floor was simply breathtaking! There were more Latin American dances rather than modern and contemporary. Although Latin dance is my favourite, I did enjoy the beautiful Foxtrot, QuickStep and Tango performed by the dancers.

My favorite - Alexandra and Nancy (bottom, right).

My favourite couple/dancers were No. 58, Alexandra and Nancy who excelled in the Paso Doble, speaking to the audience through their strong facial expressions. Alexandra and Nancy are not only dance partners but they are also dance instructors for the dance school they run in Italy. They have been dance partners for four years now. After the competition, Alexandra and Nancy headed for Singapore to partake in another dance contest organised on the island city.

The event ended on a high note when guests and contestants were treated to a Chinese set dinner while the winners took to the floor.

This is the first dance competition sponsored by the resort and organised by dance enthusiasts Aleena Tan and Rosalind Lim.

Iím wondering if this will be an annual event.