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Baby boy for Amber

Posted by: Phat Mama, 29-Sep-2010

Just two days ago Amber was all glam and happily exchanging jokes with her guests at the launch of AX Public Relations and today she has given birth to her bouncing baby boy.

Such is life. One minute you’re all heavy and preggers the next thing you know you are cradling your bundle of joy.

Let me see...what will be my son's name?

I wonder if Amber was surprised with the baby’s arrival. She did mention that the baby was due this coming Sunday. It’s pretty normal actually for babies to arrive a week before or a week after the expected due date.

According to a reliable source, Amber felt some discomfort after returning home from the launch of AXPR. At about 10.30am the next day (Tuesday) she left home for the hospital said to be somewhere in PJ. At 5.30pm she gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.

This person, who got news of the birth has been at the hospital since 10.30pm last night. Amber had her husband and close family and business members around lending support.

baby is so cute! He looks like his “daddy”. Healthy, fair, long and cute," he said.

"Amber is in good health," he added. "She's very fit and even said the delivery wasn't that tough and that it was very quick!"

Well, I guess the media will be clamouring for some exclusive interviews soon and the photographers will again have a field day capturing the family on camera.
It seems Amber is already planning a party of sorts for friends of the media.

Whatever’s the plan, Amber sure need the one month long confinement period to rejuvenate. One baby is all it needs to change a peaceful life to utter havoc.

Congrats Amber!