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Have you a colour theme?

Posted by: Phat Mama, 12-Sep-2010

Call me blur if you like but I never knew people actually take the trouble to dress to a colour theme for Hari Raya. Is this a norm among Malays during the season or does everyone does it – Chinese New Year, Deepavali, Christmas…what else?

I came to know of this when I was on Facebook (self-confession – I’m a newbie!) reading a friend’s postings. Throughout Ramadan I’ve been reading her many posts to colleagues, friends, family members and her two wonderful children about having a real celebration this year.

“Come play fireworks” she would say.

“Come go to the Ramadan Bazaar” she invited.

“Come listen to Raya songs” she’d say and shared all kinds of Hari Raya songs with everyone who cared to listen. And they did.

I mean, she’s one hyper mom! Every day is full of life for her. Every day is a new beginning – new hopes, new dreams, new plans. And I adore her positive energy and enthusiasm and “game for anything” attitude.

Then suddenly I read one of her posts to her children: “Jangan lupa tema baju tahun ni warna oren… (Don’t forget this year’s colour theme is orange).

ORANGE??!!??! I asked myself.

THEME???!!! I asked myself.

Is she serious? I thought people only do this for weddings?  Two of my family members were rolling on the floor when they saw me so wide-eyed.

They said: Hello, normal la. People do this all the time.

And there was I, wanting to be different from the rest of the world every time.

“Last year was green” this friend added on her wall.

“Pink pink” someone wrote and I almost collapse.

Dila and her orange family. Zue (left) and Abang.

And on the first day of Hari Raya I saw her plastered her family photos on FB, her son, her daughter and herself looking stunning in their orange traditional outfits.

As the day progressed I saw many more postings. One family wore all white, another all blue, another all red, and purple and all kinds of everything, every colour, every shade. Good God! I thought. I’ve been missing something all these years!

I browsed through the photos and some caught my attention so I asked permission to use them in my blog.

Sai's family chose purple and how stunning each one of them look.

While Dila and her children Zue and Abang looked like freshly squeezed orange juices (fresh and totally daringly different), Sai, hubby and her three daughters look stunning in their cleverly coordinated ribena Raya clothes. The women in this family sure have great fashion sense and I love the designs and different purple hues in each of their Raya dresses.

Hmm…I thought, not bad. My family members looked at me with half-raised eyebrows. One said: Thinking of next year’s colour theme?

  • Haha! Yeah it has been going on for years… its all part of showcasing unity (via colour) during the festive season. Hehehe.. This has become a norm that its like a branded identity.. you can never miss it during raya..

  • lol... this post is so cute! never knew Raya was a time for colour themes too!