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Big miss with Mr Wright

Posted by: Phat Mama, 8-Sep-2010

My greedy appetite took the better of me last weekend and I finished two big packs of durian and a piece of Durian Cake after a light Buka Puasa. That wasn't a very smart thing to do especially when I am fully aware how sensitive my body system is to heaty food.

After buka I met up with some friends at a cafe in SS2 thinking I'd have a proper meal. By that I mean at least a plate of rice instead of slice after slice of Chocolate Cake downed with a Flat White. When the cafe reached its closing hours we continued to lepak at Murni, a favourite Mamak joint in the area. That's when my friends broke the news.

Bibi Kay Poh (in red), cousin to Joanne Kam on stage with Wright.

We have been invited to attend an exclusive performance by Joanne Kam Po Po with Ian Wright. Yes, you heard me right. Ian Wright - the famous, funny,
whacky, hilarious travel show host for Globe Trekker.

I was almost jumping off my stool with joy. I wanted to get some photos of this guy on stage with our very own Ms Voluptuous with the Mouth. No one, said my friend, is allowed to write or highlight the event in neither way nor post photos of Ian's exclusive "do" with Joanne.

Who cares I thought. I mean being in the midst of the small crowd in The Ship in Jalan Bukit Bintang, home of many of KL's drag show is fun enough, what more watching Wright and Joanne in action. Forget the write ups. It's time to relax with two bests!

According to my friend Tan, Joanne has been travelling with Wright to certain destinations in Malaysia since he arrived. And he is here for about a week.

Two big stars - Wright and Joanne - a hilarious pair!

When they were in Kota Baru, Kelantan to judge the state's famous annual Bird Singing Competition Joanne and Wright were really fascinated with the
birds' singing. "There were sounds of birds everywhere" Joanne had remarked to Tan.

The shoot at The Ship is to be included in the star's new show to be aired somewhere end of this year or early 2011. And what would be a better choice for someone as fun as Wright then to team up with Malaysia's Queen of Burlesque?

I was all excited and even posted in FB how I looked forward to the coming
Tuesday. Tuesday did come, along with migraine and a seriously upset stomach for me! At 11am I sms Tan and Rich to say I cancelled. Rich phoned but I was just too weak to take the call and when I woke up again it was 2pm! So much for getting things right for Mr Wright!

Some friends chilling out Wright and Joanne.

So al I did throughout the evening was keep myself posted of the event on FB through friends who kept making me go green with envy. Today I read about the "do" in The Star's DailyChilli written my ex-colleague Noorsila Abd Majid. Tan told me the producer had a last minute change of heart and allowed the media coverage since there was a poster plastered at the entrance of The Ship announcing the event.

"So it was fair play for everyone," said Tan (I bet he heard me swore repeatedly in my head!).

Tan said Rich was pulled up on stage to pole dance alongside another friend

"Gav was way better and won," said Tan. Now that's one scene I wouldn't want to miss and hope Rich would do it again.

What was Wright like, I asked.

"Funny and down-to-earth," said Tan. "Very much like what you see on TV."

And Joanne, I asked some more.

"She was really good. Very funny," Tan added.

About 50 people packed The Ship that evening. I should have been one of them. Well, I wasn't and so here are some photos supplied by Tan's friend Eugenie Chan. Thanks Eugenie... and Mr Wright, will you visit again, please?

* The Ian Wright-Joanne Kam special episode will be aired on TLC, Astro Channel 712 at the end of December (Source - http://www.dailychilli)