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One cookie too many

Posted by: Phat Mama, 30-Aug-2010

I'm a pig according to the Chinese horoscope and I am seriously feeling like one right now. All I've been doing since last Tuesday is eat these wonderfully delicious most crunchy oat biscuits I have ever come across in my life.

These are the tubs of biscuits I bought. That's how much is inside.

Every piece is thin and crispy and loaded with oats and nuts and laced with caramel. And I tell you, I'm a "nuts" person. I take my Banana Split ice-cream with loads of roasted almonds, and my chocolate ice-cream at home with several types of roasted nuts. And I love peanut sauce - the thicker with nuts it is the better. And there is only a certain brand of chocolate I'd buy and that is because it is loaded with crushed nuts. And if a chocolate bar is filled with whole nuts, I dig the nuts out to eat them leaving only traces of chocolate around it just to give it a bit of flavour. So that's my nutty story.

Coming back to these biscuits: I know many of you are asking what brand is it, where did I buy it from, how much is it and a whole load of questions I might not have answers to but will try to answer because I'm so happy to have found a favourite biscuit to nibble on when I'm working on the computer. The only problem is the biscuits are vanishing faster than I can finish an article.

The biscuits do not carry a brand because it is homemade and it is not sold at any grand cafe or grocer or supermarket shelves. There are about 50 pieces in every container and each container is sold at RM38. And because I've finished the whole tub in just six days I have ordered another two tubs before everything disappears from the shop.

WAILLL :( !!! This is what's left by the time I'm through.

I'm grinning from ear to ear as I tell you this but at the back of my mind I'm beginning to count the calories. I have a feeling all those hooping exercises I've been doing religiously for the past months will be going down the drain and soon I'd be able to pinch my love handles again.

Okay so now I have to think carefully - love handles or lovely, crunchy oat biscuits that go so well with just plain water? All right, I have the answer - crunchy oat biscuits. Why you asked? Because I have a high metabolism and I can burn my fat in just a week of serious exercising.

Aren't you jealous...?
Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! :)