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Don't stuff your face

Posted by: Phat Mama, 21-Aug-2010

Ramadan is here and people are stuffing their face again. Fasting isn't about pigging out, please. I don't want to sound like I'm preaching but it is so sad to see people misinterpreting the practice.

I talk about this again and again, every year but attitudes just don't change. People have build a mindset about Ramadan being a time for "feasting" due to the abundance of food around this time, a result of commercialisation of course.

Every year a huge crowd turns up at the Ramadan bazaars daily.

I know I can't change the mindset of the entire society but I can start instilling the right attitude within my small circle first. And so I started with my immediate family members.

For many years now we have practised the breaking of fast on an extremely moderate scale. If I cook for the day it will be the basic two or three small dishes, enough to last till Sahur. Then we'd get one or two types of kuih just enough for the number of people breaking fast with us. As much as possible, we will not allow any leftovers that we can't finish by Sahur.

Once we start this healthy habit it becomes extremely easy to follow through. No matter how tempting the food selections are at the Ramadan Bazaars we visit, we will not be tempted to buy more than we can consume.

Choices are plenty so buy just enough and not waste.

As time goes by we got accustomed to the stallholders egging us on to buy more than what we did. These days we don't get annoyed with them anymore. We stick to the rule of the game: they have to make a living so it's their right to sell their products. It is us the consumers who have to make the change, especially within ourselves through our self-control.

I'm happy too that these days we don't have any leftovers to look at and feel guilty about our wastage knowing that out there, so many poor people and children are starving without food.

Visit the Ramadan Bazaars if you like. Enjoy the food but remember to buy just enough. If you have lesser food than you normally have because you rationed so as not to waste, feel good about it. Think of all the food you've been piling on your plate in the months before Ramadan.

Think of the moments when you were so stuffed you felt like vomiting all the food that you had eaten.

Think about those moments when you've had to loosen your pants or skirt just to breathe due to overeating.

When these thoughts crossed your head, think of the starving children who rummage rubbish bins to scrap off food people throw away.

Imagine them trying to sleep on an empty stomach after a day of salivating at the sight of an ice cream, a chocolate cake and all the wonderful and delicious food other children take for granted but which they can't have.  

When you're fasting everything tastes good.

Think just for one moment if we can make the effort to eat just enough not only during Ramadan but for every day in our life, how much healthier we can be, how much more money we can save, how less a wastage we can create and how much more thought we will give to the concerns of the needy instead of spending everything just on ourselves.

Be smart, eat right.
Selamat berbuka puasa.

  • Yes you are so true but Malaysian people still feel that during fasting is about eating all what you want. During fasting month also is good to kick off your healthy new lifestyle and also lose some weight.