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Keep fit undergarment

Posted by: Phat Mama, 12-Aug-2010

If there is one thing that I know women would fight elbow to elbow for at Wacoal’s first boutique-concept outlet in Malaysia it would be the Cross Walker.

Make a grab for Wacoal's Cross Walker.

This particular undergarment has been selling so well in Japan since it was introduced in early 2008 that over the past three years different series have been created to meet the demand.

According to Wacoal Malaysia Sdn Bhd Director/General Manager Vincent Leong, in a one-on-one interview recently, the Cross Walker looks like a girdle but has a different feel to it.

 “The Cross Walker is made of a specially designed material and if you walk 6000 steps a day when you are wearing it, it will help you shape and trim your body,” Vincent said.

How’s that for a 24/7 fitness regime? I’m game I tell you although some online reviewers were sceptical of this “keep fit as you walk claim”.

Want some sexy looking bras?

The Cross Walker isn’t just for women. It was designed with men in mind as well. While it is popular among Japanese men there is no demand for the Cross Walker among men in Malaysia as yet and it will take sometime for this undergarment to reach Malaysian shore, if ever.

A curvy body with the help of Magic X.

Another new product available at Wacoal’s first boutique concept outlet is Magic X, an undergarment that will give you that long-desired hourglass figure. The undergarment is made up of three separate pieces – bra, vest and pants. When all three pieces are worn together they help enhance breast, reduce waist line and lift up buttocks. That way you just can’t go wrong when wearing the slinkiest outfit ever.