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Amber's new venture

Posted by: Phat Mama, 11-Aug-2010

There were so many photographers at Amber Chiaís launch of her modelling and make-up academy yesterday that I almost lost my patience at two pushy photographers who think they were writing for some massive publications.

I know the seasoned players. This group of people just do their job quietly but you can spot the newbies lugging their camera with the big lenses and jumping in and out of the already tight space and elbowing everyone else.

A little bit more of work ethics would be nice.

Anyway, itís the start of the fasting month and the first day is already so exhaustive without adding more stress to my mind with mindless people.

The signing ceremony - Amber (left), Dato Jimmy Choo and Desmond Yoi.

Amber, dressed in red and looking heavily pregnant got the cameras clicking in frenzy. She was as usual her bubbly self, feeding the media with loads of information about the academyís set up and the people involved. Half of the media had it easy, lapping up the information without having to ask a lot of questions.

There are three rooms (sections) in the academy and it was unfortunate that the air-conditioner in the one where the press conference was held wasnít functioning properly. Everyone was sweating but no one wanted to leave their seats as there were a limited number due to space limitations. So everyone sat tight and bear the discomfort.

MC for the day and Amber's best friend Daphne Iking.

Amber was accommodating, getting drinks served and busy going up and down the room like a new mother learning to mind her kids. Her best friend, Daphne Iking who was the MC for the day suggested she rest her feet. ďI canít,Ē said Amber. ďIím so nervous,Ē she said as she continued to nibble at her finger.

Officiating the event were Amber Chia (founder/principal) herself and Benjamin Toong (Malaysiaís Catwalk Guru/co-founder of Amber Chia Academy) and Desmond Yoi (Make-up Guru).

Most of her celebrity-model-guests turned up after the official ceremony. I didnít see Ning Baizura who was listed as one of the guests. Wonder if she turned up.

Celebrity friens with Benjamin Toong (3rd from right).

Amber was happy though as she commented that she didnít expect such a big media turnout. Personally, I think attendance should be balanced with space availability. It would make the event look more polished.

But I guess at the end of the day it turned out all right as most of the media had to leave as soon as they got their story. So Iím not sure if anyone tasted the drinks and the Japanese buffet spread by Brussels Beer Garden and Hanazen Japanese Restaurant. I tried the green tea, chat a bit with Amber and Dato Jimmy Choo and then ciao.

The event venue was
crowded but fun but I still wished that Desmond had said something throughout the launch.

There will be a full story of the event of in the main pages of the site. Check it out if you want to read more.