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Where's the handyman?

Posted by: Phat Mama, 2-Jun-2010

I do most of the fixing and repairing of things at home on my own. Iím a real DIY person and my favorite stops when Iím out shopping are the DIY centers and hardware shops. There are tons of interesting gadgets that Iíd love to stock in my DIY cupboard. But due to space constraints I have limit my purchases to only the urgent and necessary.

My friendsí initial reaction when I tell them I fix my own curtain poles, cupboards, doors, hanging of picture frames and everything else is one of total disbelief. They think only guys can do these. Excuse me Ö

Hereís one proof that not all guys are handymen.

Thisis the damage done.

Just the other day my newly bought clothes hanger came crashing down from the ceiling because some parts broke. Since it was still under guarantee, the shop where I bought it from sent me two of their handymen to fix the hanger. Since there were two of them I asked if they could fix a toilet brush holder in my toilet, which needed immediate fixing. I did not have a drill head for tiles. Someone broke the one I had when he borrowed it from me recently and did not replace it. The guy agreed to do the job and charged me a small fee.

We discussed where the brush holder should be fixed. After several minutes of discussion we agreed to fix it under the sink. Then we had to decide the exact position on the tile Ė higher or lower. I said lower, the guy said higher. Since he is a handyman by profession I went along with his idea.

He switched on the drill and started drilling the tile. Now, instead of drilling the hole slowly and taking time the guy had rammed the drill in too fast and too hard, past the tile and the cement layer and bored the piping instead.

This is how my plumber does the job.

To get things fixed I would need to call the plumber and the tiler. And what do you think the cost of fixing all these? Five times more than what I had to pay the guy in the first place. In the end I called my plumber and he fixed everything (including replacing one tile) for RM300. Please donít ask me if I paid the plumber or if he helped pay the RM300. I just canít imagine the stupidity of everything.

Fixed! Only thing the tile needs scrubbing.

So you see. Never ever trust the handyman when you can do things yourself! To help anyone out there who might face the same problem I am posting here pictures of how my plumber did the job. Good luck!