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Dirty habits

Posted by: Phat Mama, 28-May-2010

I have a lot to gripe about today. It’s not that it has been a bad day. Today is beautiful. There’s no thunderstorm and lightning and there’s a lot of breeze, which helps cool the otherwise hot weather considerably.

What’s actually making me upset is the attitude of condo occupants in Malaysia. When will they learn this simple fact – anything you throw down from your unit WILL land on someone or something. Or don’t they understand the theory of gravity?

I woke up this morning only to see teabags and cigarette butts on the landings surrounding my unit when I had actually cleaned the areas yesterday. If you think that’s bad, consider this: my neighbor had to clear soiled sanitary pads flung onto her common areas for about a year before the management took any action.

Notice the cigarette butt and issue paper? You haven't seen nothing yet.

I’ve had different occupants at different days and time throwing bucketful of water out their kitchen and bathroom windows. There have been times when I have walked up to their unit and told them to stop this ridiculous behavior. One of them actually said to me: “Why ah? You can close your windows what?”

Due to the design of this condominium that I’ve bought, the fourth floor of the block I’m on has extended common areas, which no one have access to except for the owners. In other words if the areas are littered by some senseless occupants, then the owners have to clear the mess. You can’t get the general cleaner to do the job. And even if you can, why should they be responsible for the uncivilized behavior of the so-called educated tenants. I said “so-called” because at least 75% of the occupants are professionals so why this irresponsible behavior?

I have lived in condominiums since I left my hometown where I had a sprawling single-story Spanish-like bungalow built on a quarter acre of land. My emphasis on the word “sprawling” isn’t with the intention of boasting but explaining to you the very reason why some people like me opt for condo living. My last home was too big, too quiet, too far from civilization and prone to break-ins. The last reason was why I moved to a condominium – security apart from enjoying a smaller area to keep clean.

Condo living is fun. It gives you the freedom to pack-and-go anytime you want. Entry and exits are controlled with the use of access cards. And, you don’t need to worry about unwanted visitors at your door because the guards stationed at the guard post will screen them first before allowing them in.

The best part about living in a condominium for me is the cleaner and easier way of disposing rubbish. If the rubbish collectors are late you can always make sure they speed it up by informing the management personnel. But, it is a different story with rubbish thrown out from units above mine. When I complained to the management they will say: “We can’t do much because you don’t have proof as to who threw the rubbish.”

Can you beat that? Are they trying to tell me to fix my own CCTV? I guess the bigger reason why occupants continue with this bad behavior is because they know they can get away with it. The management does not even want to consider enforcing stricter measures for condo dwellers. And when I suggested some “rules and regulations” that we can imitate from condo managements in Singapore (since I have lived there for several years), guess what was the reply from my condo’s management? “But we’re not Singapore la.”

I have given up filling the complaint forms at the management office but I have made it very clear to them and the “brains” behind the Residents’ Association that if nothing is done to respond to residents’ complaints then I see no reason to attend the meetings. Have they ever wondered why they can never get enough quorums at their AGM (meetings and elections)?

  • It feels good to see this article being written. I was an occupant at a condo in Bukit Jalil. We faced the same thing, worse thing was, we were at the first floor. We have egg shells, rubbish bags, chairs.. name it, all thrown down into the airwell - which is just beside my room. So much of a fresh air I got every day. But then again, no one did anything about it. So we moved out of the condo living and into a landed property, which is so much more peaceful and clean!