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Triumph-ant day

Posted by: Phat Mama, 28-May-2010

Let's be honest. How many of you ladies have worn big panties before, are still wearing one and not ashamed to admit loving every minute of being in one? Do you see me putting my hands up? Guilty? No way. How can any sensible woman be ashamed or guilty to admit they adore their big panties. I love mine although I only have one and it's my mum's.

Here's the story.

I drove down to Mum's place sometime last month for a visit. There was no plans whatsoever to stay the night but Mum insisted because she needed someone to take her shopping the next day.

"But Mum," I said, "I don't have any more undies."

She didn't bat an eye. Instead, she pointed to a basket in her bedroom and said: "Tu hah, mak punya banyak (There...I have plenty)."

I didn't argue because I know that voice too well.

So that was how I got my first big undie. However, I didn't add to the "collection" although I have been tempted to. Big panties are...err...big, breezy and extremely comfy, like being in your mother's womb some women tell me. I used Mum's panties to bed, or whenever I need her "presence" and "support" and "strength" (weird I hear you say).

But let me tell you another thing. Mum's big panties are all from Triumph. No, I kid you not. Ever since I was a teenager I've been taking Mum to the Triumph counters to get her lingerie. She usually buy those plain brown cotton panties. When she feels slightly "adventurous (well, by her standard) she would pick up a few pieces of those pinky ones (ok, no pinks for me please). Then there are the girdles and bras and they are all Triumph's.

My Mum would be clicking her tongue if she saw these.

The difference however between old-school parents (mine) and today's parents is their preference in designs. Mum likes her lingerie simple and comfy and by God, her eyes would pop out if she had been at Triumph's launch of its Spring Summer 2010 Collection held at 1Utama shopping mall recently.

You can't hide sexy undies no matter how much you try.

One by one the models just walked the runway, confident, sexy and alluring in those breathtakingly revealing lingerie. If Mum had seen those girls worked it she would have thought the world was coming to an end. Forget the models' efforts to tone things down by adding to their outfits those flimsy pajamas (which I just love), arty wraparound skirts and knee-high socks. All Mum would have noticed were those sexy bras and oh-so-tiny panties. I know what she would be thinking: "So not like mine" (hehehehe).

Well, Mum. Things have changed. Fashion has evolved. The plain does not attract anymore. These days, women's lingerie speaks of the women's characters. Today's lingerie is about women "experimenting", understanding their body and loving every minute they spent at the lingerie counters choosing the sexiest and tiniest undies they can fit into.

And you know Mum; deep seductive colors are all the rage among women these days. So you might want to consider moving on with your "browns"?

Triumph's Spring Summer 2010 Collection features six different styles with each style carrying its own name. There are names like Eco Chic, Zero to Sexy and (mother of all evil) Cleavage On Demand.

The models look stunning, bold and daring. They have to be when the runway is right smack in the open for all shoppers to see. Many a wife, fiance and girlfriend must be tugging hard at their men's sleeves to leave the venue on the day.

The girls conquered the evening, clad in undies normally only seen in the bedrooms. The most chic model was the one dressed in a seriously short ruffled skirt and a matching tiny, unbuttoned waist-length jacket. If she was trying to catch attention to her orangey bra, I would say she didn't have any trouble doing so.

Ladies, you know what you need to do when you dress the next time round.

If the Collection is aimed at attracting attention with comfortable cuts, intricate details and trendy designs it definitely has hit the mark.

When it comes to giving us women the much needed cleavage I take my hats off to Triumph. They are just brilliant at boosting our smallest "assets". I have in the past tried some of Triumph's "bust boosting" bras and I tell you they worked.

Also launched on the day is Triumph's Sloggi's Fresh Summer Collection that features two fresh looks - Picturesque and Sunflower. While this collection will only be made available in the market in July, Triumph's Spring Summer 2010 Collection is already in the stores.

Enough talk. I'm taking Mum to the mall and shock her with Triumph's Cleavage On Demand bra. I'm going to show her the bra's centre bridge with the adjustable satin ribbon and get Mum's eyes rolling when my less than voluptuous busts pop!