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Touched by a stranger

Posted by: Phat Mama, 20-May-2010

I seriously can’t believe that it’s Thursday already. That’s just another three days away from another week. And, before we know it the month of May will be gone and June sets in. Time flies so fast. Whether we like it or not we just have to keep up with it or suffer from the “I missed a day” syndrome many of us must have experienced.

As time quickens its pace I’m actually slowing mine. I have gone through that syndrome many times over and you know what? What the heck? I can’t fight it because I realized I missed a day every day and every week and every month. So I might as well do what makes me happy.

These days I don’t worry when I work on my computer till the wee hours of the morning because I have a home office. So unless the sky is falling or the earth is shaking, don’t expect me to rush under the shower before 10am. That’s not going to happen.

I have tons of work to finish as I’m taking part in a wedding exhibition at the end of June where I will be showcasing my photography and wedding favors services. The photos have been selected and are waiting to be edited. That’s the core of the business and yes, the rest of the products that I’m taking to the exhibition are still in a mess. I pray my partners aren’t rolling their eyes because I’ve been doing just that for the past two months in sheer exasperation. My body is tired and my mind is worst. And the unpredictable weather is almost driving me mental.

Over the weekend, after attending the Ms Universe, an acquaintance asked for a meet-up, part work part getting to know the “voice behind the phone calls”. I obliged only to have her first delayed the session by more than an hour and later cancelled and then asking to reschedule. Does anyone know that I do have a life although I work from home? That every day is pre-planned so that I meet deadlines and finish things on time? That I have stacks of photos to be sorted out, e-mail to reply to and calls to be made?

Annoyed that some people easily take things for granted and expect people to fit into their schedule as they see fit, I walked into a Kebab outlet to enjoy a quiet breakfast at 1pm. Yes, you read right.

I knew what I was about to order, a Beef Kebab and what I’d like to have with it is a lovely, simple hot Nescafe with milk like I always do at home. So I asked if he has the drink and he said “no”. He pointed to a Kopitiam opposite his outlet that serves coffee. But I explained that I had planned to have the coffee and the Kebab at his outlet as I was so hungry. Disappointed but understanding the situation, I said I would have the Beef Kebab as a takeaway instead. And guess what happened next?

The guy looked at me, then looked around his tiny kitchen and said: “I make for you. I make for you, ok?”

My jaw dropped. The cynical me just couldn’t believe that this person is even bothered to make the effort and waste his precious time just to make a stranger a mug of coffee.

He asked me to take a seat and not long after my Beef Kebab arrived. The next few minutes he was mixing my drink. “Just half a mug would do”, I had told him because I don’t eat or drink much. And, “not too sweet”, I said. He repeated after me and hey presto, there was my mug of Nescafe. It tasted just like what I normally make at home.

Babu was curious why I was aiming my handphone at him.

His name is Mohammad Babul and he works at the Kebab King outlet located in the old wing of 1Utama shopping mall. But don’t start going there just to ask him for a mug of Nescafe, okay?

When I finished my breakfast I walked up to him and paid him RM10 for the RM6 Kebab. He returned RM4 to me. I said: “You are a good person. Please let me pay for the lovely coffee.” He refused but I managed to walk away without the change, praying that God will return his kindness in ten folds.