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Beauty with brains

Posted by: Phat Mama, 17-May-2010

Malaysia has announced her Miss Universe Malaysia 2010. It's Nadine Ann Thomas, a 23-year-old event and talent co-coordinator who appeared shaken over her win.

Nadine Ann Thomas - A winner's smile.

Teary-eyed, she could barely manage a decent answer when interviewed by the media after the crowning. Luckily MUMO’s National Director Andrea Fonseka was by her side for moral support. Every now and then Andrea would “help out”, putting in a word or two here and there every time Nadine stumbled.

Nadine’s answers came in passive and uncommitted. There were no strong statements coming from a beauty queen. She allowed her emotions to get the better of her instead of being poised and composed as expected of a beauty queen who just got crowned for the biggest event in her life.

So did Nadine portray the Hip, Urban, Relevant, Real beauty as envisaged by the new Miss Universe Malaysia Organisation? I guess you know my answer. The interview was a big yawn for me so I asked Andrea how did Nadine rate, whether she “encapsulate the essence of the newly re-branded Miss Universe Malaysia 2010”. Andrea was all support saying that Malaysia’s new Miss Universe has worked very hard to be where she is now.

The media pressed on, asking what next for Nadine after the grand win. She walks home with a RM50,000 cash prize on top of 12 other attractive “goodies”. Her answer was a “I don’t know yet…what’s the next step. It’s been tiring, taxing and non-stop.” The latter part of her statement was of course referring to the days before the finale at the Taming Sari Ballroom of the Royale Chulan Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

I found her answers disappointing. As the grand winner, I had expected more zest coming from Nadine. I expected her to be smart and ready with answers that can make headlines. There was none.

To be fair the contestants were given “lessons” on developing their charisma and confidence when placed in the public eye. In fact they attended a Media Savvy Workshop, which among others “taught” the contestants about “making an impression”, “media insights”, “interview preparations”, “techniques in responding” and “using the power of language”. What happened to all these given pointers?

So I asked Nadine why is she so shaken? Wasn’t she prepared for this big day? Again, her answers were weak. She had actually not expected the win. Are you kidding me? Wasn’t every contestant’s goal was to win big and represent the country?

Nadine must have qualities that brought her the win but time will tell if she is willing to work harder to bring her inner strength and charisma out for the big day. She has about two months to work on them and she has to start right away.

See my favoured crown (inset - left).

The other two winners were Mourhrna Anetha Reddy and Vera Hui. But based on the numerous photo shoots the contestants did I personally saw more oomph in Dhasha Subramaniam and Charlene Wong. These girls have that confidence that says: “I’m going to win this!”

I will tell you though what I liked about the night. No, not the host Harith Iskandar. He made a few smart hilarious jokes but for me they drowned in his constant mention of his engagement to some doctor.

1] I love the presence of jazz singer Noryn Aziz who entertained guests that night. When she’s on stage I didn’t move from my seat as I was so mesmerized by her beautiful, power-packed voice!

2] I also loved the evening gowns by Melinda Looi.

3] I love the light entertainment provided by the orchestra made up of really young talents. A dentist who I got to know on the night shared my opinion, that there should be a ballroom dancer doing the waltz for guests to enjoy.

4] I love the elegant setting and color scheme in the ballroom, which Craig Selby from Orchan-Consulting Asia said was conceptualized by Andre’s “all -girl” power team.

1] I couldn’t understand why guests were allowed to stand and walk around the ballroom all the time instead of seating at their respective seats and enjoying the event. This caused a lot of annoyance to those who wanted to have a good view of what’s taking place onstage.

2] The crown doesn’t fit. The crown doesn’t fit. The crown doesn’t fit. It took ages to have a crown placed on a winner’s head that it got in the way of photographers trying to catch “moment” shots.

3] Photographers were not served food or drinks! How can??? They are humans too and they are on duty as well. Without them the writers will have no photos to back their stories.

4] Reporters who asked the obvious: So you will be representing Malaysia in Vegas this August? Duhh…she won!?

1] Some of the guests were of the opinion that this year’s contestants lack the height.

2] The media felt there is really nothing new in beauty pageants and that the story is all the same, year in year out. “It’s all about what new angle a writer can dream of when writing the story,” said one writer.

3] Fashion sense went out the window when I spotted someone wore a custom-made pants made from material that I swear was the one sold at Ikea’s furnishing department.

That’s it guys. I’m out of here…

Oops...I forgot. I like the 1st Runner-Up's crown better...

  • I think you should give the newly crowned Miss Universe Malaysia a chance. She obviously didnt expect to win.. let it all sink in first lah!

  • How long does that normally take...? Ok la, I know she has brains and the looks too. Wish her luck in Vegas.

  • The first runner-up's crown does look better. And I heard the winner's crown was a replica. Not all the evening gowns were nice, based on the pictures.

    From the sound of her answers, Nadine isn't ready to represent Malaysia. I don't think the team did much in changing the pageant. Like you said, same old concept, different year.

  • Nasty you, Zen...but honest and I like that. Replica? Hmm...wonder if the organisor would like to comment on that. I hate those red stones (are they) on the winner's crown. Makes everything looks cheap. I agree with you on the gowns too. I had expected something more elaborate but elegant on final night. Another thing I noticed was how messy the hairdo was by the end of the night. Hmm...didn't use enough hairspray I guess.

  • Agree on what you said about the hairdo. To think that A Cut Above did the! Some gowns were elaborate based on the pictures from the website. But they were also gaudy. Honestly, I was very disappointed with the pageant's portal. Very amateur and disorganized.

    I also think the makeup didn't do Nadine and most of the girls justice. Some looked really 'man-ly'. I love how honest you are when writing this! Can't stand other people who "fluff and glamorize" everything. =)

  • you are right, i would not say that i know nadine personally but i know her well enough to know that she does not represent what Miss Malaysia is suppose to be. that's is just my two cents