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Goodbye dark spots

Posted by: Phat Mama, 6-May-2010

Sometimes I really think it is so sad to be a woman. We are plague by so many “vanity” issues – frizzy hair, less than flawless skin, non existent double eyelid, height - too short, body - too thin, bootie - too wide. The list just goes on and on.

If you were to come home with me to a typical family gathering at my mother’s home you would have no way of escaping from this “beauty advising sessions” from the women in my clan. And you would be amazed at how vast and varied the beauty topics covered.

My sisters are always recommending new energy boosting supplements because they are gym freaks. Even Mum has caught on and I grinned sheepishly when, once in a while, she’d surprise me with her own “recommendations”.

Another beauty concern among them, me included, is pigmentation. Oh, those dreaded dark blackish spots that can spread so fast they make our face look like a map. Every one of my woman friends has their own way of combating the problem. Some go for laser treatment while others spend tons of money monthly on beauty products recommended to sort out that pigmentation once and for all.

I was using a particular brand of cream but I switched recently to try out Avon’s newly launched beauty cream Anew 360° White. This is one of the three new products (skincare, lipstick and perfume) that were launched, and the most significant to the majority of female guests present on the day. On hand to explain to guests the effectiveness of this new cream was Yuji Yamaguchi, the Co-Chairman of Department of Dermatology at Nagoya City University in Japan.

The event venue was almost flooded with homegrown celebrities and I took some shots of these glam ladies, including singer Nurul Wahab, Jzelynn, Maizawati and Lufya. The host was actress/singer Norish Karman while Soo Wincci; Miss World Malaysia 2008/2009 is Anew Skin Care Endorser. She is also a singer, songwriter and lawyer.

The event was grand and elaborate. So were the explanations. There were a lot of “scientific” terms used to explain the pigmentation process and how the new cream works to fight the process. It took more then 10 years to complete the research on developing the technology for Anew 360° White. The process involved 100 scientists, over 600 tests carried out on more than 1300 Asians. Wow!

One of the guests I spoke to claimed that she’s been using the cream for two weeks and that there has been some improvement to her skin. However, the little piece of marketing brochure in the release states that “In a week, 70% of women showed improved skin …” I’ve been using it for six days now. Maybe it is still too early to be noticed by the naked eye?

Okay, never mind. Let’s move on. So what else excites me at the event? I love the new floral fragrance Ungaro Fever For Her, inspired by the couture fashion style made famous by Emanuel Ungaro Maison. Nice scent, nice packaging. The Eau de Parfum retails at RM109 (RM125.35 in Sabah and Sarawak). Present to introduce the fragrance to guests present was celebrity Fazura who is the Ambassador for Avon fragrance.

The third product launched by Avon is the Smooth Minerals Lipstick SPF15, Avon’s first lipstick with 100% natural and mineral colour ingredients. It has a lightweight texture and packed with vitamins, aloe and shea and cocoa butter. The Smooth Minerals Lipstick is formulated with Avon’s Mineral Complex that includes Tourmaline, Malachite, Copper, Magnesium and Zinc.

It comes in 10 neutral shades – Pink Berry, Pink Quartz, Rose Garnet, Plum Craze, Rumberry, Apricot Glow, Crystal Glow, Cranberry, Brick Red and Rosy Brown. Retails at RM25.90 (RM28.90 in Sabah and Sarawak and will be available only from June 16 onwards. There was a make-up demonstration at the event conducted by Malaysia's talented and professional make-up artist ZulFazli.

Before I go, let me say this: Don’t be so obsessed about having whiter skin. It is lighter skin that we actually need, through proper care. I love my skin color as it is. And I wish beauty product companies would start replacing the word “whitening” cream to “lightening” instead. There are a lot of women out there who hate being told to “whiten” their skin. Some even boycott these products so that’s food for thought.