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My keep fit year

Posted by: Phat Mama, 29-Mar-2010

It was 12.30 this morning that I came across an article on health written by one Dr. Maoshing Ni in his blog at

The header reads "3 Unique Exercises to Shape Up for Spring".

Dr Mao said, "some 40 million people are considered obese". One of the reasons he said is because we eat food with high calories and don't exercise enough.

"Physical activity is the key to a healthy metabolism", said Dr. Mao and that "the number one cause of being overweight is inactivity".

I read his article with great interest because a year ago I came face to face with a, shall I say, "slight weight problem".

I have been at 48kg for most of my adult life due to my high metabolism and extremely active life but for my height (I'm 5' 4"), my doctor recommended I maintain my weight between 52kg and 54kg. I however maintained a 50kg weight.

Sketch of the Arm Swing is taken from Dr. Maoshing Ni's article.

However, my weight shot to almost 59kg last year. And true enough as mentioned by Dr. Mao, the key reason is inactivity and the second is, as discussed with friends over dinner last night, eating small amount of food six times a day, which is a sure guarantee to increase our weight.

Many of us associate "physical activity" with anything that is quick-paced and energy impact but this is not so as confirmed by Dr. Mao. He said mind-body exercises like tai chi; qiqong and Dao In yoga help "promote energy, balance of function and a calm of mind".

Dr. Mao also said that studies have shown that these exercises help balance blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol, equilibrium and other organ functions.

Now, this is the secret that I want to share with you ladies especially. What Dr. Mao said about these exercises is really true because I attended three qiqong classes and discovered how fast the exercise works. I won't lie that those were the only lessons I managed to attend but I have been doing the basic, warming up exercises I learnt every morning as soon as I jump out of bed.

Sketch of the Swimming Dragon is taken from Dr. Maoshing Ni's article.

In his article, Dr. Mao gave three qiqong exercises for us to do at our own pace and time. One is the Swimming Dragon, two is the Arm Swing and three is the Merry-Go-Round. I have done the first two but not the third and let me tell you that qiqong exercise looks simple but if you are new at it three minutes into a routine can make you feel like you've jogged for an hour!

If you'd like to get the instructions for this exercise, go to:

So how often should we exercise? According to Dr. Mao, four times a week of 30-minute exercise each time can make a whole lot of difference to our health.

And, if you are like me, who hates working out in the gym and time are a factor, try these exercises, which can be done at the comfort and privacy of our own home. I will start this specific routines first thing this morning
because I have promised myself that 2010 will be a "Keep Fit" year for me again.