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Great buys at ladies' boutique

Posted by: Phat Mama, 28-Mar-2010

There are so  many, many of these small boutiques around town these days but it's hard to find one that has good choices in terms of
design and fit.

I personally like shopping at Cats Whiskers because most of their clothes fit nicely on my body. It is very rare that I had to go make alterations to a particular piece that I like.

While shopping for trousers at most outlets can be a headache for me, I am almost 100% sure I can find one at Cats Whiskers at any time.

There are four Cats Whiskers outlets in the Klang Valley but because they also cater to online shopping it makes it so much easier to first browse what's available at the stores.

In its Sale section you will find lots of interesting pieces, some at a discount of even 50%.

I've put together here a selection of simple, cotton casuals to pieces that are more suited for a night out.


  • nice...any branch near shah alam?

  • Hi Lienasham...thanks for dropping by. Catswhiskers doesn't have an outlet in Shah Alam but try visiting their sites and find out more: and