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Be bold and different

Posted by: Phat Mama, 27-Mar-2010

Layering is such an in thing in today’s dressing style. Forget about our crazy weather. Our girls just want to enjoy the freedom of dressing as they please minus the restrictions and dos and don’ts.

If in the past we are bogged down with the idea that mismatched outfits are a no-no, today almost everyone is doing it. While many still stick to the safe combination of one color complementing another (think black and white, blue and light pink…) there are among us who are much more “fast-forward” in the fashion game.

Tubes, tank tops, singlets of vibrant colors are used as underlays. T-shirts and tops are then worn over these pieces. On top of these come the cardigans and jackets and scarves. Of course our weather is hot but who cares. Half the time when we are dressed like this we would be flaunting our fashion “drama” in the malls (which are heavily air-conditioned). Very few of us Malaysians spend time outdoors, right?

With the growing interest in skinny jeans and leggings among those in the fashion business, consumers grew a bigger appetite for them giving borne to a look that’s more forward and daring. Who would even dare think of wearing leggings or pantyhose with motifs of red lips in the past? Nowadays, the bolder they come they better they are accepted.

So girls, throw away the “black shoes with black bag” style please. These days anything goes.