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World inspired designs

Posted by: Phat Mama, 27-Feb-2010

Today I am featuring the last range of collection from Topshop Spring Summer 2010. Techno Traveller is put together based on the fashion trends around the world. This includes Americana, rave gear and nomad-inspired embellished and tribal pieces.

Animal prints in fluoro colors decorate dresses and mini skirts. Many of the pieces from this range are Moroccan-inspired. They have a handcrafted feel, covered in bashed and tarnished coins and sequins, studs, embroidery and woolen poms-poms.

Techno prints and bright colors are used on the traditional keffiyeh scarves. These are worn with chunky knitwear and patchwork jackets. If these arenít bold enough, how about adding to your wardrobe super-distressed, ripped and bleached denim covered in hardware?

If you love knits then Techno Travellerís use tape yarn for that loose, unraveling feel. It piles on the fashion hype on these knits by having holes and nibbled effects to them. Where decorations are concerned, Topshop goes all out with tassels, chains and chainmail.

Since the military look is in this year why not exploit it further by designing harem trousers customized with sweatshirt panels, patches and cammo netting prints. You love maxis? Dress it up by draping over it a scrunched-up military waistcoat from Techno Traveller.

Fringing is never leaving the fashion scene for now. They are on dresses, scarves, pants, shorts, anywhere the designers can think of.

And as for footwear, Techno Traveller feels the clog heel is a key shape.