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Army style

Posted by: Phat Mama, 23-Feb-2010

If there is one thing I badly want for now is to get back in shape and slip into those sexy, body-hugging outfits I so love. Topshop’s Body Armour collection for Spring Summer 2010 is the very reason for my present wish.

The super delicious, knockout look from Body Armour “takes inspiration from military camps and sportswear in the barracks”, with these utilitarian pieces given an urban twist.

Leggings and unitards never looked so good to me until I see the ones from Body Armour, which features aertex and mesh panels and sportyside stripes.

The jackets and tops from this collection are far from boring as they have been given protective padding and strong armour-like shoulders.

Even the most basic pieces have been given life - by using prints to bring an urban element to them. Finer details include harness-style strapping, elastic trims, rucksack lacing and utilitarian zips.

For something more casual, the jumpers and tracksuit bottoms will fit nicely on a lazy “weekend window-shopping”.

Footwear has been carefully designed to match the range of outfits from Body Armour. This includes an American sportswear tan leather and canvas chunky heel, a shoe boot sandal with bondage-inspired strapping and a lace-up boot inspired by hiking and ice-skating attire.