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Steamy train ride

Posted by: Phat Mama, 17-Feb-2010

The weather has been so hot of late that I thought Iíd just sizzle it a few temperatures higher by featuring the latest lingerie collection from Valisere.

Valisereís The Train Odyssey collection promises to bring romance into your life with its gorgeous choice of fabrics, colors and textures. The theme itself is created and inspired by the mystery, romanticism and elegance exuded from the historical Le Train Bleu luxury passenger train. A train experience? Okay, I donít really get that but itís all right. The collection looks good to me. Not surprising, looking at the prices.

The bras are priced from about RM330 and panties from about RM149 from the Valisere Le Train Bleu range, Valisere Sejour and Valisere Doux.

Bras come in half cup, three-quarter cup and corsage with all-round side bones. You will see a lot of fine lace works and embroidered satin on both bras and panties. Very sexy. Be a bit more daring and jump into its sheer, peek-a-boo panties in strong and mini styles.

If you love turning on the heat, then you will know which to pick. This is one collection that will take you on a train journey of no return.