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New concept for pageant

Posted by: Phat Mama, 28-Jan-2010

This year's The NEW Miss Universe Malaysia beauty pageant will be a much more thrilling experience as new faces join forces to create a pageant with a difference.

Gone will be the days when pageants are mainly about the contestants' beauty. Some of the most important assets that this year's contestants had better have are brains!

Hip, Urban, Real and Relevant - girls, you have to be all those or else ... oops!

(From Left) Miss Malaysia Universe 2009, Joannabelle Ng, Andrea and Heah.

This year's pageant will definitely be more exciting and different. If you're a big fan of America's Next Top Model then here is the local version. The concept of The NEW Miss Universe Malaysia beauty pageant will be similar to that reality show.

The on-goings of the pageant will be recorded and broadcast on Miss Universe Malaysia Organization (MUMO) official website a month leading to the Grand Final.

(From Left) 1st Runner-Up MUMO 2009, Cassandra Patrick, 2nd Runner-Up MUMO 2009, Claudia Sibert, Joannabelle and Andrea.

For me the most interesting part of the pageant would be seeing the contestants perform various tasks, just like what you see on Amazing Race. No more posing fake smiles as these models hug a kid or two from the charity homes they visit (I hope). I just detest the sight of these beauties looking all glam in their finery as they visit some charity homes and having grandmas with several teeth missing looking so lost and staring at these "strange" visitors.

So wannabes, prepare yourselves. I can't wait to see the new street-smart beauty and how she touches us all with her sincerity and beauty that comes from within her.