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Universal appeal

Posted by: Phat Mama, 26-Jan-2010

I am rubbing my hands in glee. You want to know why? Because I received this e-mail invite to attend the re-launch of the Miss Universe Malaysia.

Hmm…re-launch. That’s such a big word. A re-launch always means something new so what new things can a beauty pageant offer? We all have been to one, whether it is a small or big event. The concept is the same. Traditionally the contestants’ main asset has to be her beauty. She has to have nice smile, good skin, height, long legs and boobs, most definitely boobs and how well they sit in those oh so scanty swimwear.

Well, at least this is how the general public perceives a beauty pageant and no one can blame them, can they? I mean, look at the girls when they are on the runway. A lot of skin, don’t you think? And so people generalized beauty pageants with the sweeping remark “beauty first brains later”.

But that is about to change with the Miss Universe Malaysia. For a start, the pageant now has a new name. I will let you in tomorrow on that, if you’ve not heard already. One thing I can tell you is that the pageant has a new concept – beauty with brains. Well, it’s not exactly a brand new concept. This idea has been suggested before, especially over the past few years as organizers struggled to change people’s mindset about beauty pageants being a resemblance to the meat-market.

Miss Universe Malaysia 2004, Andrea Fonseka will play a big role in this year's pageant.

The Miss Universe Malaysia Organization has undergone a major revamp and the appointment of Andrea Fonseka, Miss Universe Malaysia 2004, as the pageant’s National Director is said to boost this new concept to even greater heights.

This year’s search is all about finding that “smart, fresh, down-to-earth” Beauty Queen. Besides these qualities, she also has to have sense of humor, leadership skills and “the basic makings of a STAR”. Will any of the contestants in this year’s pageants have these qualities?

The re-launch of Miss Universe Malaysia will be held at one of the hotels in Kuala Lumpur tomorrow morning and I will be there with some media friends. I can’t wait to see how many of this year’s contestants will “kick ass” as mentioned in the invite.