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Dress your head

Posted by: Phat Mama, 29-Dec-2009

I am one of those unlucky people who suffers from bad hair day EVERY DAY! Thanks to my dry, flyaway, unmanageable mop of hair.

If I planned on partying on the weekend I always make sure I get my hair ready early in the day so that by evening it’s all nicely set. Otherwise I will end up canceling the night out.

For meet-ups with friends in the day, or shopping, I prefer my hair up. In the past I wear baseball caps a lot but the frequent use of these caps resulted in my receding hairline. So my hairstylist advised me to minimize wearing them.

While living in England I started wearing berets and hats and so I started a collection on them. All my berets and hats remained in the wardrobe when I returned to Malaysia, thanks to our weather. Some friends suggested I wear scarves but I hate feminine-looking headgear so scarves are out of the question.

I have however solved my “bad hair day” problem ever since I found this tubular headwear while shopping in Singapore. This, I think, is the best-ever created hair accessory as it is functional as well as trendy.

The different headwear from three labels.

To date I have found three companies/brands that market these headwear. Two of them are from Spain (Buff and Wind x-treme) and are marketed in Asia namely Singapore while the third (Mily&Cole) is a local brand (Malaysia).

Buff ( entered the market in 1992 and its product is distributed in most parts of the world. In its website it says Buff’s multifunctional headwear is distributed in Malaysia but I have not seen any. The headwear is probably marketed in specialist stores like professional bicycle shops and sports stores. So if any of you has come across Buff’s headwear, please drop me a line here.

The other international company, Wind x-treme ( has been around since 1997 as a manufacturer and distributor of outdoor garments. It is mostly known for its multifunctional headwear. Its products are distributed in about 30 countries. Malaysia however is not yet in the distributor’s list.

Buff and Wind x-treme make their multifunctional headwear using 100% polyester microfibre, which is a highly breathable fabric. Their headwear is seamless, which makes it comfortable to wear. Labels/logos are printed as part of the design so you don’t have to deal with labels sticking out from the sides of the headwear.

Trendy eh?

Buff’s headwear comes in sizes that fit adults, teenagers, children and babies while Wind x-treme’s headwear comes in one size that fits adults and juniors.

The multifunctional headwear by local brand, Mily&Cole is distributed and marketed by Fun Creation ( Their headwear is made from polyester cotton. Labels are stitched to the seam and because the headwear isn’t seamless it is not as comfortable to wear as those by Buff and Wind x-treme.

All other features of the headwear found on these three brands are almost similar to each other. Each label boasts various designs and colors. There is however a vast difference in price between the brands. Due to quality, Buff and Wind x-treme have a price range of between RM70 and RM100+ a piece. Mily&Cole’s headwear is priced at about RM30 per piece.

If you were looking for a multifunctional headwear for casual use or as part of your fashion statement, then Mily&Cole’s designs would suit you to a T. But, if you are into biking, rock-climbing, cycling or other similar active outdoor sports then it is best to get the headwear from the other two brands instead. Due to the material used you can be assured that when pursuing these activities you will be protected from wind, heat and cold.

The tubular headwear can be worn in different ways to fit the wearer’s needs. You can use it as a mask or scarf when you ride your motorbike or you can wear it as a Sahariane and Balaclava when you have your helmet on. But if you just want to look fashionable or to keep your hair out of the way then you can use your headwear as a cap, a headband, a neckerchief, a foulard or even a wristband or hair band.

Ways to wear your multifunctional headwear.

Polyester microfibres are soft and light and they have good elasticity, which is very important in giving a good fit. Small and light these headwear are easy to store in your bag or even pockets, so much so you can just whip them out when you need to use them.

Of the three brands I find Buff’s headwear the best in terms of quality. At the same time Buff supports Environmental Restoration worldwide by “funding measurable actions through the sale of a new environmentally friendly product”.

Buff also claims most of their designs “offer a sun protection degree of UPF 5-10. Its High UV version from its Summer Collection “blocks more than 95% of UV rays”.

I suggest you try one of these headwear and girls, don’t believe it if someone says they are only for the guys. Try one and see how cool you will look!

  • memang trendy bila memakainya..saya mula memakainya ketika bercuti ke penang,dan bila balik ke melaka saya tidak menjumpai kedai yang menjualnya...jd tak boleh nk tambah koleksi...di mana boleh saya membelinya selain dari kedai di penang?

  • hai there... finally i came across ur article bout this headware thingy. i was introduced to it by my sister who came across a stall selling them somewhere in 1Utama. i lost my hair after i went thru chemo and had to use hats n caps all the time but it is so uncomfortable when im indoor and when my sister presented me with dis i was very2 happy and got hooked to it!!! untill now i so malas to wear my tudung anymore heheheh prob is, i couldnt find dis anymore in shopping malls. somehow they r just not around anymore.. by any chance u to know any outlets in KL that sells them? thanx bro!

  • Hi Sue, thanks for dropping by. I find these headwear really useful. I have several pieces actually. I found Mily&Cole's Fun Creation ( during a promo at Bangsar Village 1 but the material is a bit thick so it can get a little hot for the head. Buff's the best and the outlets in Singapore have a variety but a bit on the expensive side. Try googling for outlet's addresses. You can drop me your e-mail (will be kept confidential) if you need more info. Tx.