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A night of fashion

Posted by: Phat Mama, 15-Dec-2009

Carven Ong’s recent 18th Anniversary celebration highlighting his Spring/Summer 2010 Couture Collection was attended by some prominent personalities. One of them was Andrea Wicke who only recently arrived in Malaysia as the newly appointed Ambassador of Austria.

When asked how she’s settling in she smiled and said: “I have no problems whatsoever. It’s really nice here.”

Wicke (left) and Petra wait patiently for the fashion showcase to start.

Wicke was accompanied by Professor Emilia Petra, the spouse of the Ambassador of Romania, whom I met during last year’s Viennese Ball.

Celebrity model Amber Chia made a head-turning entrance in a beautiful green evening gown halfway through the show, signalling to friends she was late. The photographers went into a frenzy and turned their attention to Amber who obliged their requests to pose for their cameras. Phew! Good thing the main fashion showcase - Carven's - had just ended and the models were making their way to the front of the runway. Otherwise there would have been a lot of envious looks.

However, one person who attracted my attention most was a heavily pregnant Cherrie Chin. I love what she was wearing and how captivating and attractive she looked in a simple outfit complemented with simple accessories and a matching pale green shawl.

Showstoppers and head-turners at Carven's event.

She volunteered a: “I’m a housewife actually” to me and boy I think she is one heck of a stunning pregnant housewife. If she can look that good while pregnant I bet she can knock the socks off any man when she isn’t!

And before I forget, another drop-dead gorgeous looking lady that night was Prince Hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur’s Director of Marketing Communication, Shirley Hoo. Shirley had on a Carven Ong’s creation – a simple, straightcut overcoat in rich lace matched with a corset and loose straightcut pants in complementing colours.

Carven Ong and long-time friend Ace Tang (2nd from L) and their beautiful guests.

Well, the evening was fun. The 500 guests or so came dressed to the theme of Absolutely Chic. Some weren’t dressed to the theme but with the lovely cocktail dinner no one really cared who was wearing what.

Here are some of the snapshots I “stole” of the night.

  • looks like a great event, wish i could be there, i really like his designs specially the purses