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Cute kitties

Posted by: Phat Mama, 7-Dec-2009

An adorable print image of a smiling cat on a handbag drew me into newly opened store COSMOS on the Lower Ground of Ikano Power Centre in Mutiara Damansara.

There are prints of cute, smiley cats and kittens everywhere – on purses, handbags, totes and even umbrellas! They are so adorable they make you want to pick everything from the shelves and cart them home with you. But, one thing will stop you; the price of each item.

These are not cheap stuff. A simple canvas-like tote bag with a single print of an image or that of several cats sitting huddled together easily cost about RM200. And don’t be fooled into thinking that the smaller items might cost less. Wrong. You are lucky if you can find anything that starts at about RM30. The umbrella with prints of cats and dogs cost RM98 (small) and RM140 (large).

So how does COSMOS' General Manager Ivy Ng justify that?

“COSMOS is targeting fashion conscious female, working professionals and housewives, with disposable income,” she said.

While the working professionals buy COSMOS’ products to complement their massive wardrobe, loaded housewives said Ivy just loves shopping because they (lucky devils!!!) have “plenty of disposable income because of
their husbands”.

Well, whichever group you fall into there is no doubt COSMOS stocks some of the more unique and interesting fashionable items.

Cats however aren’t the only favorite theme at COSMOS. There are others since Cosmos brings to our shore the latest trends from around the world.

COSMOS retailers travel intensively to source for new and exciting products to house at this concept store.

This is the second COSMOS Concepts Store in Malaysia. The first is at Amcorp Mall. And by the time the business starts expanding extensively, Cosmos plans to have a bigger range of the latest and hottest collections brought in from international shores.

Currently what it has in store are mainly purses and bags but soon enough you will even find international brands for fashion accessories, cosmetics, skincare products, collectibles, Home&Living, chocolates and even stationery.

According to Ivy part of COSMOS Concept Store’s marketing strategy will be based on good location, meaning major shopping malls that enjoy heavy traffic. And what better way to spread the word that COSMOS is in town than advertising as Ivy wants to increase the target customers’ awareness of the concept store.