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No more mess

Posted by: Phat Mama, 28-Nov-2009

We women need everything don’t we, even a little pouch to carry our sanitary pads! One brilliant mum has come out with this sanitary pouch for us ladies to store our sanitary pads.

The brilliant sanitary pad pouch.

The pouch is only slightly bigger than the size of our palm and it can fit two pieces of pads. This means it doesn’t take a lot of space in your handbag if you need to carry it with you on those dreaded days.

The pouch is made of plain cotton, mainly in floral prints and in various colors. Some of us might find the pouch useful but since it can fit in only two pieces of pads it can’t go a long way on heavy days. It would be a good idea if the pockets can be varied in size so they can also fit maybe two pads in a pocket instead of just one. There are two pockets to a pouch by the way.

Want a handbag organizer?

February, the daughter of this brilliant mum, helps sell the product for her mum at bazaars. This mum-and-daughter team also runs their business online – MnD52 (“Mum & Daughter” – Handmade Products:

Another interesting item that they sell is the Handbag Organizer. What this organizer does is, what else, organize the way you store your things in your handbag!

The organizer is a string of pockets in varying sizes. There are about seven pockets in one organizer. All you need to do is to form the organizer into a circle and zap-on the two ends. Then place the organizer inside your handbag and throw in all the little (or big) things into the respective pockets.

This is how the organizer works.

If you have a bigger bag you can perhaps join two pieces of organizers together and have more pockets to store yout little things. When not in use the organizer can be folded flat and stored away. The organizer comes in five colors.

Well, this is one mum that doesn’t like mess around her.