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From cars to clothes

Posted by: Phat Mama, 27-Nov-2009

I bumped into Bernie Low at a fashion bazaar recently and was rather taken with her collection.

She was enjoying a steady stream of customers who never leave her booth without carting away at least a piece or two of her collection.

Bernie's tailor-made collection.

Her booth has a good mix of everything, from casual tops to shifts meant for the evenings. Cotton dresses with bright floral prints were also attracting a lot of attention from her customers.

Talking to Bernie I soon realized that this girl has no background whatsoever in fashion retailing or even designing. She used to do sales in an automobile company.

Some of the casual designs available from Bernie Boutique.

But Bernie went ahead to open Bernie Boutique at Dataran Pelangi Utama eight months ago.

As with the current trend, Bernie stocks on clothes from Taiwan and Korea, which she orders online as well as clothes she tailor-made to her boutique’s needs.

“I have a friend who is a tailor in Bangkok so I visit him regularly to get the clothes in my boutique done,” she said.

The fashion cataloge Bernie keeps at her boutique.

If you are looking for prom wears with a bit more of glam and sheen, Bernie has those too. However, you have to shop fast at Bernie’s boutique as she stocks a limited number of pieces for each design. The maximum she stocks of each design would be two pieces for each color she orders.

“There are no repeats,” she said.

Looking at the rows and rows of dresses she has on her racks, you would notice that Bernie loves colors. But, she said, blacks and whites are still the favorites among many women.

So it looks like Bernie now does a different kind of sale; the type that women adore, for business or leisure.

Commenting on the switch in her career, Bernie said, “ Girls love clothes so I thought why not try (the business).”

Bernie Boutique is also available online at: