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Sparkling new

Posted by: Phat Mama, 31-Aug-2009

Aesos Lai talks and talks and talks. He talks endlessly as he markets his ShineWell product to shoppers who flood the Sunday flea market at Amcorp Mall in Petaling Jaya.

Tirelessly he coaxes every passerby to let him clean their jewelry for free!

"One item per customer. Free," he grins.

Aesos gives a demonstration on how to use ShineWell.

Once he has win their confidence, they will trust him their jewelry - gold necklaces, crystal bangles, silver rings and chains, expensive and not-so-expensive watches. But don't worry, her returns them to the shoppers AFTER
he has made their jewelries shine and sparkle like new.

That's the beauty of this product, ShineWell or what Aesos and his team call "magic cleaning powder". It revives your jewelries like the first day you bought them from the shop, or even better.

One of Aesos' team members winning a shopper's attention to the product.

You only need three easy steps to get your jewelries sparkling new again: soak, stir and rinse. Just add half teaspoon of ShineWell cleaning powder to half a glass of tap water. Stir the powder before you soak the jewelry inside. Stir the jewelry in the cleaner to remove dirt from it.

After the estimated time, take the jewelry out from the bowl of cleaner and place it in the bowl containing tap water until it is clean. Finally, wipe the jewelry with dry cloth. You can also run the jewelry under tap water to clean it.

Unlike certain accessory cleaners, ShineWell cleans jewelry made of any type of material. It cleans gold, diamonds, jade, precious stones and silver. But ShineWell can even clean your watches, spectacles, costume jewelries and even metal ornaments. You can say it's a 1-In-All cleaner.

The end products - all shiny and new again!

There's a money back guarantee when you buy ShineWell, which is formulated in Germany. But I have seen it work and there are no hidden tricks here.

Aesos places several bowls on the table, each containing plain water and the diluted cleaner. He then dips every item into the respective bowls, soaking each item between five and eight minutes before removing them and wiping them to a shine.

"ShineWell is biodegradable, environmental friendly, non-toxic and non-abrasive, non-corrosive and kills 99.9% germs," says Aesos.

The cleaner is available in different sizes and prices. I bought the RM5 pack, which is the smallest, to try out.

Aesos and gang can be found at the Amcorp Mall weekend flea market or you can contact Aesos Lai at 012 2188338.