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Going urban

Posted by: Phat Mama, 30-Aug-2009

I was at a shopping mall in Petaling Jaya the other day when I caught a fashion show featuring urban wear in progress. So I stopped by for a sneak peek to see if it was something I could feature in this blog.

My iPhone was the only available camera as I had left my reliable Canon PowerShot A650IS, which I use for simple fashion shoots, at home.

Shoppers having a field day at the branded wear sale.

I ended up with very few shots, not because my iPhone couldn't do the job but because the selections featured weren't all that great. I can understand that it was probably just a small event catering to the shoppers mainly but to have the half-baked models sloshing about on the "runway" with half-beaten soiled shoes complementing a dress is seriously "distasteful" unless of course that is part of the fashion theme?

These are designer labels, not made in China says the emcee.

That aside, the showcase did attract some shoppers who happened to be at the event venue shopping for designer labels clothes at slashed prices.

Some shoppers were heard whispering to each other: "Genuine designer labels ah?" after looking at the prices of the branded (DKNY, MNG, GAP, Calvin Klien, Billabong, etc) items. Items were going for less than RM100 a piece. Out of nowhere the emcee's voice boomed across the hall: "These are real designer labels. Not made in China okay?". I guess the two ladies weren't really whispering...

Some of the prettier selections of urban wear featured at the fashion show.

With urban wear being all the rage since last year, I won't be surprised the shoppers actually made a grab for some of the items that were showcased. They were pretty low-priced.

I'm a little curious though. Urban wear has been in the market for years now, even before 2004. What makes it such a big thing in 2008/2009? Anyone knows the answer?

But, I am all for writer Chris Kendall's comment in an article he wrote in "...everything that is old comes around again."

Don't you agree?