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Posted by: Phat Mama, 29-Aug-2009

This post would be the last Iím featuring on Dorothy Perkins Autumn Winter 2009 Collection.

The selection of black coloured outfits would be my favourites from the labelís latest collection.

My all-black selection from DP AW2009 Collection.

The first outfit Ė skinny jeans matched with leather jacket is just my kintd of hing! Well, I donít ride a motorbike but Iíd wear that anytime when traveling.

If Iím looking for something smart and casual for the office then the second outfit would be my choice on a day when I have to do a lot of running around at work.

And, when I need to chill out with my girlfriends at the dance club, the third outfit will do the trick. Match these outfits with the right shoes and Iíll look a killer!!!

Naughty, colourful handbags and purses from DP AW2009 Collection.

As for handbags and purses Dorothy Perkins has gone into something bright and metallic and gold. These bags look cute but you have to be a wee bit careful when matching them with your clothes. Use them to accentuate your look. Donít do overkill, please.