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Trendier than ever

Posted by: Phat Mama, 28-Aug-2009

Some of us spend a lot of money on shoes, either we buy cheap ones and plenty of them for variety or we prefer the expensive lovelies to add to our designer shoe collection.

Cheaper-priced shoes are easier to get rid off said a friend of mine. All you do is wear the shoe to death and when it’s time for the bin you just toss it out without feeling a pinch in your purse.

One of the best ways to add to your shoe collection is to scout around for your favourites during the sales. This is a great time for bargain hunting, provided you don’t mind elbowing other shoppers to get to your favourite shoe!

An all-black selection of shoes from DP's Autumn Winter 2009 Collection.

There are many factors influencing a purchase besides the fact that there is a shopaholic in all of us, both women as well as men.

Comfort is my main priority when buying a pair of shoes. However, the shoe must be aesthetically appealing. Heels that are more than 2” high are a “no-no” for me and I stick to three regular colours – black, red and earth.

This is a great year for wearing boots because the market is filled with all kinds of designs and colours and styles. You can walk into any shoe stores today and you can easily find ankle boots, knee-high boots and even thigh high boots. These days you can put on a thigh-high boots matched with a short skirt and walk your way into the mall in the middle of the day and no one will bat an eye.

Add some colour to your feet with DP's Autumn Winter 2009 Collection.

Buckles are used excessively on shoes as embellishments these days. They are making a strong fashion statement this year. You find them in any kind of shoes, even simple pumps and court shoes, which are the most favoured by women of all ages.

This year if you are caught wearing a pair of shoes heavily adorned with embellishments like tassels, chains and even fancy buttons, you are considered right there among the highly fashionable. The crazy emphasis on details has made wearing shoes even more fun for us women especially.

Whether you look for brands in your shoes or just simple ones you buy from the flea market, the choice is clearly yours. What’s obvious is the shoe trend everywhere is now about what you dare to step forward in.

Featured here are some of the latest designs from Dorothy Perkin's Autumn Winter 2009 Collection. Enjoy them while they last.