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How to wear your jeans

Posted by: Phat Mama, 27-Jul-2009

In Saturday's post I promised to share with you some great casual looks taken from Miss Selfridge Autumn/Winter 2009 Collection. I've got the calendar mixed p and so I've missed a day. Anyway, here's the promised post.

Three types of Miss Selfridge jeans are featured here - grey bleached wash jeans, acid wash skinny jeans and grey stone wash jeans - all in different shades and colour. I have to admit the grey bleached wash jeans in the first photo is my favourite as it's stylishly different.

Photo 1

The first photo in the first batch of images (Photo 1) features Miss Selfridge grey bleached wash jeans teamed with an ivory distressed T-shirt. You can just ignore the matching black sequin tuxedo because there is no way you can dress like that in our weather of course. But the look is nothing but exceptionally trendy especially when you have those killer shoes, a Miss Selfridge black ankle strap gold studs shoes, to match.

In the other two photos the models are dressed in acid wash skinny jeans in blue and grey. The first option will give you that more casual look (Centre) for day, which you can spice up by adding on a sequin animal print vest and a matching silver sequin slouch bag. Keep the shoes trendy but simple - a cream platform shoes such as this will do.

Photo 2

Notice how we can just change the mood of the outfit by putting on a silver sequin top (Right) instead. Add a few accessories like necklaces and chunky bangles and you are all ready for a night out clubbing. The beige stud ankle boots look great for daywear but I'd change it to something more sophisticated for evenings.

Those who you who prefer a little bit more seriousness in your casual look, try on the grey bleached wash jeans matched with a simple ivory distressed T-shirt (Photo 2, Left). Complement that with a black sequin tuxedo and heap on the accessories.

Layering your clothes (Photo 2, Centre) can be fun, depending on where you are off to and the type of material you are using. For our weather, perhaps you can choose clothes made of lighter material to beat the heat. Miss Selfridge's green waterfall jacket and charcoal cardigan may look appropriate in very cold areas but if you are nowhere near there settle with just the grey distressed vest matched with grey stone wash jeans and snake court shoes.

Photo 3

Another great way of wearing that grey stone wash jeans is by matching it with a grey top pleated vest and grey cardigan with sequin trim. This look gives you a very casual yet stylish mood. Team that with a black bag with silver stud detailing and black ankle strap gold studs shoes.

The selections from Miss Selfridge are so good that I can't resist this last set of images. Add some fun in your dressing. Look out for colours. Here you will find three seldom-though-of colours that could make heads turn - a pink off-shoulder 80s jumper, a blue sequin leopard print butterfly sleeve top and a stunning sequin swirl body con dress that's a myriad of colours like electric blue, purple and even gold.

Go paint the town, girls.