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Be my Diva

Posted by: Phat Mama, 2-Jul-2009

I simply love costume jewelry but growing up in a very orthodox family means I get puzzled stares all the time from female family members who skimp and save to buy that tiny diamond earring.

Over the years I have developed a couldn’t-care-less attitude towards their persistent question of: why do you spend so much money on something that can’t be turned into an investment?

In the past, costume jewelries were seen as cheap fakes that women wore once or twice before the jewelries were disposed off. Most times these pieces served as adornments to match a particular outfit.

Traditional Malay brides especially love piling on costume jewelries to match their traditional wedding dress. However, if you have a mother like mine, chances are you’d be dragging your way to the wedding dais with tons of gold necklaces and bangles and earrings and brooches, which I really detests.   

So much have changed over the years and costume jewelry is now regarded highly among the fashion affluent. Materials used in making these jewelries have also improved tremendously that sometimes you are amazed at the price tag that goes with each item.

Check out the endless selections of necklaces.

One of my favourite stores for costume jewelries is Diva because it has so many different styles and designs for every category like necklaces, bangles, earrings and even rings.

There are several Diva outlets in Malaysia and Singapore and the ones in Malaysia are mainly in the shopping malls.

Diva also has a website, which is updated regularly so customers get the latest news on its latest arrivals.

Colourful and classy style bangles.

Diva started as DCK Concessions, and after 20 years it is now one of the world’s leading fashion jewelry retailers operating at 3,452 concession outlets across 22 countries worldwide. DCK Concessions also have the largest design, sourcing and buying team for fashion jewelry worldwide.

The business then expanded to Australia through the collaboration between DCK Concessions UK and Brett Blundy from Brazin Ltd who also run the successful HMV and Virgin Entertainment among others.

Earrings, earrings and more earrings!

In April 2003 DCK Australia Pty Ltd opened the first Diva store in the Imperial Arcade, Sydney, Australia. By Christmas 2004 59 Diva stores were up and running. By Christmas 2005 there were already more than 100 Diva stores throughout Australia and New Zealand. This rapid growth makes Diva the fastest growing fashion brand in Australia.

So if you’re looking for some real classy costume jewelries to jazz up your look, take a peek at what Diva has in store. Prices are reasonable but if you’re looking for bargains, shop during the sales. If you have a keen eye on matching your accessories, even last season’s collection could look like the latest arrivals.

Happy shopping!