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Bravo to local talents!

Posted by: Phat Mama, 1-Jun-2009

Just a short post today on homegrown fashion label osixnine, which specializes in stylish street-wear. Designs and colours are bold and bright, just great for those who love to stand out in the crowd.

Make your own fashion statement with osixnine's bold-print t-shirts.

Osixnine entered the local fashion scene in 2006 as an online store but is now operating from its boutique in Subang Jaya.

Some great ideas on dressing up with osixnine's collection.

The company was started by two sisters who are into music, graphic designs and anything DIY.

Clothes from osixnine and shoes (foreground) from Bulu-Bulu.

Osixnine’s collection was showcased at London’s 2008 Tradeshow Streetwear.

These images were taken during their event held at Urbannattic, Capsquare KL.

The shoe collection is from anothe homegrown fashion label Bulu-Bulu.