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Bag to the 80s

Posted by: Phat Mama, 28-May-2009

A friend of mine often told me that I’m a “handbag” person. I do hope she was really talking about that beautiful item that swings on many a woman’s arm, otherwise…  

Well, anyway, if she was referring to handbags, yes I love them. But, as is the tragic story of my life, I have stopped “handbag shopping” due to the lack of proper storage areas in my house. These days I keep to the basics and of course leather is preferred because any other material besides that will just end up damaged due to the humidity in that little apartment of mine.

Hip and happening?

Again, as some of my closest of close friends know, I am not big on designer brands but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t buy one that I like. What I often look out for in a handbag would be design (the simpler the better), quality versus value/price and functionality.

Although it’s the basic stuff that gets me interested I do wonder at times if something a little more extravagant would make me look ultra cool?

This year we get to travel back to the 80s and indulge in fashion from the era. There’s a whole lot of great looks from all the different departments and more is never enough!

Kipling for one has recently come out with three range of handbags – Basic, If and Hip - that epitomize the fashion of the 80s.

The Basic Collection.

The Hip selection is all about vibrancy. Think Tutti Frutti and you will straightaway have a clear image of these fun bags. Arlene and Ethel  make a good choice if you need something small to match your party outfit. If you need practical wallets then there is Birte whereas something of a larger size to keep all the important things you need at hand would definitely be Fara. The designs from the Hip collection feature lots of zips and pockets and the funky metallic monkey clip.

If you love simple colours for your handbags then Basic has a good selection of whites, pinks and blues. The jazzy blue Kyna is Kipling’s take on the classic
swimming bags of the 80s. It’s practical and multi-functional. Sling it over your shoulder and you can take it to an event, shopping and even to the gym.

Also from the Basic range are Uki, an envelope bag, and Alvar, a zipper bag that serves as a shoulder or a crossover bag. These bags come in classic blue, black, red, pink as well as white.

Now that you’ve seen Hip and Basic the last range would be If, which sadly I have not received any images of. But if you check Kipling’s official website you might agree with me that the animal prints undeniably do magic to us women.