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Hot as ever

Posted by: Phat Mama, 20-Apr-2009

I have been to Miss Selfridge’s outlet many times before but I have never dreamed of putting together a look such as the ones in these images.

Miss Selfridge Spring/Summer 2009 collection goes back to the fashion and music scene of the 1980s. It captures its audience through its signature vintage-inspired look, which can be seen throughout the collection.

Rolled cap sleeves give a modern touch to the 80s look while bleached, distressed and marble wash denims are teamed with colours like purple, jade, hot pink and electric blue.

Miss Selfridge is known for its little dresses and this season sees nothing short of them. You can wear them on bare skin or put on sexy black leggings to give you that great day-to-evening look.

Fashion never looked as good as it does today. Don’t these clothes make you feel you just have to rush to the store this very minute?