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Masterpiece in writing

Posted by: Phat Mama, 11-Apr-2009

Have any of you wondered why people are willing to pay so much on a writing instrument? It actually stuns me every time I look at the prices of some of the world’s most recognized brands. I mean, some of these designer pieces cost even more than a landed property!

Well, I might not be one of those people who will ever own or afford such luxurious items but it’s never a waste to know what’s out there and unattained by some of us.

Somewhere in March I received some releases for Namiki pens. I was intrigued simply because the designs of these pens are just so intricately unique.

Crafting these masterpieces involved a technique called Maki-e. The process uses a lot of layering and the patterns and decorations are made using sap from Urushi, a Japanese lacquer tree.

This technique used by Japan’s master artists is one of the country’s oldest traditional craft, passed down for generations and is mastered by a select few.

Gold and silver dusts are sprinkled on the first few layers. The base is then lacquered before it is given a high gloss. The masters then add even more patterns to complete their works of art.

Namiki is a division of the Pilot Corporation. And the brand name Namiki was taken from the founder of Pilot Pen Ryosuke Namiki.

Pilot Corporation, started in 1918 is the largest and oldest manufacturer of writing instruments based in Japan.

Namiki Maki-e pens come in various styles, their distinctive feature being their 18-carat gold or lacquer finishes.

Namiki’s handpainted Maki-e writing instruments come with a lifetime guarantee.

This year, Nakimi has come out with four designs for its Yukari Collection. Each speaks of the beauty of nature – Autumn Leaves, Bamboo, Turtle and Sakura & Swallows.

And now for the shocker! The Namiki Yukari Collection retails at: Yukari Autumn Leaves and Yukari Bamboo is SGD4,300 (appx RM10,218) and Yukari Turtle and Yukari Sakura & Swallows is SGD6,300 (RM14.964).

Happy salivating!