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What's in for Spring

Posted by: Phat Mama, 16-Mar-2009

MaxMara Spring 2009 collection revolves around four themes, one of which is inspired by the movie To Catch A Thief.

All these four themes share one common trait Ė the characters of a woman and for MaxMara Grace Kelly is the icon for its collection.

The spring collection salutes women on the go, women who lead a jet set life, enjoying the company of the cream of society. I see images of slim bodies and long legs lounging by the pool in the evenings sipping champagne.

Okay, get real. These are just some of the images I get from reading the press releases. If truth be told I think a majority of women frequently seen at high-end boutiques are actually rich dames whose husbands have a bottomless paycheck. Iím not one of them but yes, I love dressing good.

These chic collection would be more up my alley.

And, MaxMara has some cool designs from its newest arrival.

Its colours for spring include some earth tones, greens and blues, some reds and the more vibrant and daring like fuschia, yellow, orange, purple and pink.
Those who attended the grand opening launch of MaxMaraís boutique in KL (read yesterdayís posting) were treated to a special fashion show highlighting designs that were exclusively flown in from Italy for the event.

Been there, done that. No more genie looks for me in 2009.

The genie pants made famous by M.C. Hammer seemed to dominate the runway. I donít really care for these pants especially not in 2009. Iíve worn all that I could in the old days and nothing beats the designs and colour choice that M.C. Hammer brought to life. If anyone wants to bring back the genie pants, they better have some life injected to them.

The special selection for the runway.

Anyway. Letís have a look at what was featured on the runway Ė the pieces that got my head nodding and the ones that made me say: No, no, no, no, donít phunk with my style (oops, sorry, canít resist that).