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My big big wardrobe

Posted by: Phat Mama, 11-Mar-2009

The biggest problem I have with having a lot of clothes is storage. And I noticed many of us experience the same problem. My mother for example has several wardrobes overflowing with clothes while one of my sisters has “invaded” her sons’ wardrobes now that they live abroad.

Although the major reasons for this “overflowing” situation is due to: (1) we don’t spring clean and remove items that have been sitting in the wardrobe for donkey years (2) most of us are too lazy to hang out our clothes or fold them neatly and (3) we don’t have the “right” wardrobe.

I want to share with you the third point – having the “right” wardrobe and by that I mean large enough to fit almost anything you shove inside. For me the right wardrobe must have several rods as I like my clothes arranged neatly on the hangers.

Fed-up of constantly pushing and pulling my clothes out of tightly packed wardrobes, huge baskets and boxes placed in every corner of the house I decided to go out and get the “right” custom-built wardrobe once and for all.

CAPTIONS: (A) The 1st hanger fixed to the ceiling (B) The second full-length hanger fixed to the wall (C) The 3rd hanger, which is 4ft long (D) the pair of sliding doors also serve as mirrors and (E) frosted glass added add a bit of detail to the wardrobe.

But getting the furniture designer to agree with your request and design can be quite a task. I can understand her concern. I asked her to build me an empty wardrobe measuring three feet deep and ceiling-to-floor high. What she basically provided me with were three large panels, two of which were the wardrobe doors that serve as full-length mirrors.

There are no supporting beams or frames inside the wardrobe and the concrete walls are used as part of the structure. Once the frames were assembled, an installer came round and fixed the retractable clothes hangers, the kind you see people hang their laundry on, inside the empty wardrobe.

CAPTIONS: (A) The spacing between the 1st and 2nd row of hangers makes it easier to sort your clothes according to height.

I had a pulley-operated two-rod clothes hanger fixed to the ceiling so I can hang all my occasional attire such as sweaters, jackets and overcoats. The long evening wear occupy one end of the rods so they can hang freely and not get caught with other clothes placed on a 6-foot retractable hanger placed mid way down. This hanger is fixed to the wall instead of the ceiling.

A second retractable hanger measuring about 4 feet long was fixed to the wall at the lowest part of the wardrobe. There are three rods on this hanger, which I used to hang my sportswear, T-shirts a and shorts and all other smaller items.

CAPTIONS: (A) The 4ft hanger is fitted to the size of the doors. It can be extended to its full length, beyond the wardrobe's door. This makes it easier to look for clothes placed on the inner rods.

With all these hangers installed inside the wardrobe I still have room for two or three trolley drawers that I plan to get from IKEA as well as some space for long baskets for little knick knacks.

So the next time you plan on building a wardrobe don’t agree with everything the designer throw at you. Most times we know better what serves our purpose.

Let me know if you like my special wardrobe.

  • I love this wardrobe! Thanks for sharing! :D

  • Hey Blueberry Muffin! I love it too. Can even play hide-and-seek inside!

  • who did you get to custom make the wardrobe...i love the brill design which wud help me sort my clothes..thanks for sharing!

  • hey Jit...i got it custom-built by Telekitchen but any other cabinet makers should be able to do the job. It all depends on your budget. I would suggest you go to one that ur familiar with so u get better pricing and quality. Good luck!

  • I love this wardrobe. I have a space which is 8ft by 3.5ft, which i planned to make into a walk in wardrobe. however, the tight space means i cannot make a U shape wardrobe which i thought defeats the purpose. i'll try and expand on this idea, but am worried that once i hang the clothes, it'll proove too heavy for the hangar....

  • hey there...don't worry about the weight that the hangers can take. They are quite durable. The topmost hanger can take 30kg but i've loaded more than the recommended weight :) what i would suggest is to get hangers of better quality, which means the rods are sturdier, though a little more pricey. but it's worth it in the long run. good luck!