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Marathon shopping

Posted by: Phat Mama, 3-Mar-2009

There! I finally did it. For once in my life I managed to complete my shopping in 15 minutes flat! That was such a record-breaking feat for me.

I came home to KL recently to attend one of my niece’s wedding. But I had been so caught up with other matters that I didn’t make time to shop for clothes.

Almost everyone was wearing the theme colour red but I wanted to wear white. Luckily my niece was accommodating to my request since I promised I would add a dash of red to my all-white outfit.

On the Friday before setting off to Mum’s house, which is a 45-minute drive out of KL, I rushed to 1Utama to get what I planned to have – something white, very ethnic, easy to move in and matched with pants. And I know exactly where I can easily find these.

I only had 30 minutes before everyone gets into the car and drove off. So I sped off on my “mission”, reminding myself again and again as I was driving to stay focused. And I know you ladies out there understand how hard it is to do this when we are out on our shopping spree.

I set out to the mall at 10:45am and reached there at 11am. I parked my car, rushed in to the mall and did an instant “mapping” of my route in my head – two flights down the escalator, walk across to the opposite end of the building and another escalator down and there I was – British India!

And, I was pleasantly surprise. British India was having a sale with discounts up to 70%. Wasn’t it my lucky day?

The sales assistants must thought I was one of those eager shoppers. I sailed through the clothes racks, took sweeping glances at everything and only stopped whenever I see something white. Bam, bam, bam … and there I was walking towards the mirror with a pair of white pants, two white tops and two simple T-shirts. A quick check in front of the mirror to see the desired effect and off I went to the cashier.

I was the second customer at the cashier and I paid a total of RM250 for the three lovely 100% cotton garments. Without the sale the clothes would have cost me RM1,155.

So how’s that for a great shopping spree? If you’re planning on doing the same, hurry. The sale will end soon.