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Metallic - today's new look

Posted by: Phat Mama, 29-Jan-2009

Do you like putting on make-up? And if you do, which part of dressing up your face do you like best? Iím very good at applying my lipstick and my elder sister is just fantastic at applying eyeshadows. If you think you can build that skill in just a day I can safely say you are wrong.

She uses her make-up like her clothes Ė all the time, and she is an ďeyeĒ person in that she canít go anywhere without applying her eyeshadows. You can give her any type of eyeshadows and eyeliners, any colour and you can expect her to do a good job with them.

So, thatís why I would think that I Nuovi Professional eye make-up products would be great for my sister. Some people just shy away from strong and heavy colours but not her. The bolder the make-up the better for her.

The Metallogy Collection.

I Nuovi Professional has come out with an eye make-up collection thatís daring and alive for 2009. Itís called the Metallogy Collection and thatís exactly what you can expect Ė a metallic look. The eyeshadows come in 16 colours and the eyeliners, four. So if you like a little adventure in your make-up then the metallic effect that these two products have might interest you.

The eyeshadow has a rich and creamy texture and so I would guess that application can be a little tricky especially when the colours are bold and daring. The eyeshadow is non-powdery, has a liquid metal effect, and shimmery so you must be smart with the brush or your finger, whichever works for you, to create that drop-dead gorgeous look.

Now the Metallic Liquid Liner is a water-based ink and waterproof. It comes in four colours.

I Nuovi Professional is an international beauty brand available in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, China, Taiwan, Canada, the USA and Kuwait. I Nuovi Professional uses botanical extracts (among others) in its ingredients and the products are fragrance- and animal-derived ingredients free.

If any of you have tried I Nuovi Professionalís latest products drop me a line and tell me what you think.

  • The eyeliner is extremely easy to use. Colours really stay throughout the entire day tho I've quite oily eyelids. It's really a quality product with a fraction of price. I'd like to try their other products too. =)