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Let's fringe it

Posted by: Phat Mama, 23-Jan-2009

I was chatting to a friend online the other day and he mentioned about the fringe dress making an even bigger statement this year.

We have seen several interesting pieces in 2008 especially from the Autumn/Winter Collection. In fact, I have also posted Karen Millen's fringe dresses as well as accessories in my last post here. One of the dresses featured, the black fringe dress with the sheer yoke, sold like hot cake immediately after it hit the stores. It was totally sold-out on the brand's website. And, Desperate Housewife star, Eva Longoria Parker was also sported dressed in it for her New Year's Eve party.

The black fringe dress from Karen Millen and Topshop's vest-like fringe top.

Continuing with the chat I had with my friend, he was also of the opinion that though the style may get even bigger this year we women must thread carefully before rushing off home with a fringe dress, or its complementing accessories (I would add).

I would find it quite interesting if I'm able to get into a fringe dress and come out looking like a million dollar. Well, not everyone can carry off the look, and it's not just our size and shape that I'm concerned about.

My friend asked: Where will we wear the fringe dress in Malaysian weather? And besides, he said, it is a very classic look so you can't really be wearing the fringe dress anywhere and everywhere.

The fringe dress is from the 1920s and we see a lot of them in movies similar to The Great Gatsby, which are set in that era. But I can only guess that if the fringe dress keeps coming back into fashion then a lot must have changed in its design and style.

A two-piece fringe ensemble - top and skirt from Topshop.

According to a blogger, a Miss K, who seems to be very well-versed with the fashion, a fringe dress normally begins at the "drop waist" and they are decorated with jewels. A "true 20s piece" she said would see a "tiered fringe".

Curious to know if the fringe dress really has an appealing side to it I decided to browse online to see what's in store. And my, was I surprised! If my next credit card statement does not show a purchase on a fringe dress from anywhere, then I must have lost my craze for shopping.

The ones I saw on several online stores simply make my fingers itch to whip the plastic out of my purse. Malaysian weather or no Malaysian weather, I wouldn't mind having a few fringe dresses just in case there's a twirl and swirl party anywhere soon.

Some of my favourites are the Foley + Corinna Ombre Fringe Dress (USD400+), which is mainly made of silk, Scala's Black and Silver Fringe Hem Sexy Cocktail Dresses (almost USD200) embellished with black and silver sequins, and Jovani's Silver Flapper Dress (appx USD400+) that has so much classy "glimmer" you won't need to fight to get attention at a party.

Fringe topsfrom Topshop in soft colours.

Some of the online stores that are worth checking out if you want to see the different styles of a  fringe dress are:, and

Flapper Costumes is the most interesting of all the sites I browsed through. This online store specialises in 1920s costumes. As they say, if the lady is dressed in a fringe flapper then the guy needs to be dressed in the "gangster" costume.

But whatever you do, do not copy Anne Hathaway's fringe dress fashion style. The feather fringe dress by Chanel Haute Couture she wore to the 2008 National Board of Review Awards Gala in New York City was simply disastrous! I cannot imagine anyone wanting to leave the house looking like Ms Hathaway did.