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Changing colours

Posted by: Phat Mama, 4-Jan-2009

It’s a brand New Year – 2009 and I’m particularly happy with the last digit as 9 is my lucky number. I hope despite the current economic situation the world is facing I can still hold on to the saying that “Every cloud has a silver lining”.

I have made many plans for this year, most of which were set towards the end of 2008. This year I’m hoping to carry them through without a hitch.

Where fashion is concerned, I hope to wear less black and try some colours on my clothes. I know it will be a big challenge and I have yet to succeed because my last shopping spree ended with two black dresses, a black shirt and a black belt in my bags.

My friends have rallied around me and they have been recommending some colors that I might like. If you share the same “situation” as me, maybe we can take a good look at some of last year’s colours and decide if black will be permanently removed from our personal collection.

(Above) Karen Millen has sexy colours. Although the colour black is still high on my list, I adore the dresses in raspberry and deep inky blue as well.

(Above) I quite like Trucco's gray and earth tones (clockwise, 1st and 2nd photos). Maybe I should try these colours first and get comfortable with them before I get a little more adventurous with the bolder colours like those from Ted Baker (clockwise, 3rd and 4th photos). 

(Above) Hong Kong label Jessica has these lovelies to feast your eyes on. The one on the left is a silk glove print dress and the second piece is chintz silk with geometric prints. Both are cute but I will have to turn back time to be able to get into them.

You know what? I think I will go window shopping next week to see what's hot on the racks.