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Keeping watch on year's end

Posted by: Phat Mama, 30-Dec-2008

Time is ticking, fast and before we knew it the year is coming to a close.  I, for one, am scrambling for time as there are so many more things I’m trying to finish before 2008 bid me a final goodbye.

A reader, Ong, commented on my blog how the simple things in life, like owning a wrist watch, have changed with the introduction of hand-phones. These days, Ong doesn’t wear a wrist watch anymore. He keeps tab of time with his hand-phone.

Many of us are like Ong. I remember a time when my family members would make regular visits to the watch shops to see the latest designs. We buy watches as gifts but not anymore. These days, we keep a close watch on the latest hand-phones released in the market instead.

However, for you guys, who love having an elegant watch around your wrist, take a look at these watches from Breitling and Fortis.

In this post I’m highlighting three newly launched timepieces from the brands. If you are a collector, they will interest you but if you aren’t then probably this post would serve as knowledge on what’s available out there.

Fortis has released two new timepieces in the market. The first is the Fortis Limited Art Edition “IQ Watch” by Rolf Sachs, well-known for his puristic designs. The watch was conceptualized from a surrealism shop window design for departmental store Selfridges in London.

The Fortis Square Chronograph (L) and the Fortis Limited Art Edition “IQ Watch” by Rolf Sachs.

There are only 999 pieces of this Limited Edition IQ Watch and each is individually numbered. It is water resistant up to 200m and it carries the artist’s signature as well. The IQ Watch comes with a pilot leather strap in black packaged in a leather box.

The second is the Fortis Square Chronograph, whose concept is based on the everyday experience of the Swiss international airline pilots. Each piece is again individually numbered and the watch has a steel case and is water resistant up to 100m. Its dark brown leather strap, padded with contrast stitching comes with a steel brushed buckle.

Breitling's Super Avenger Blacksteel Limited Edition.

The third piece for today’s post is the Super Avenger Blacksteel Limited Edition from Breitling.  This particular timepiece is said to truly reflect the personality of the Breitling brand. There are 3,000 pieces of the Super Avenger Blacksteel Limited Edition. <3> It has a black steel case, which protects it from shocks and water resistant to 300m. The generous dial size, oversized hands and glare-proofing on both sides of the crystal guarantee readability at any time.