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Checking out the Coast line

Posted by: Phat Mama, 15-Dec-2008

I received some press releases for Coast’s Autumn/Winter Collection 2008 and sadly could not find anything inspiring from the two images attached. So I delayed processing them until I could find something worth talking about. My visit to Robinsons at The Gardens, MidValley City, Kuala Lumpur did little to change my opinion of the label.

Curiosity got the better of me when I found out that in 2007, this English fashion label won the Best Premium Collection award at the LK Today High Street Fashion Awards event. The votes came from people like you and me, the customers. And, Coast won this award for two years running.

Coast's Autumn/Winter Collection 2008

Founded in 1996, Coast is a specialist in women’s wear and it claims to be known for its “beautiful clothes and couture-designed stores”. Well, whatever these mean it did pique my curiosity that it ended up with me checking out its online store, introduced in May last year.

There were some surprise finds and I particularly like the Anneli Dress in Gun Metal color. It is a puffed hem dress that has a skirt attached to it, which makes it look like you are actually wearing two separate pieces instead of just one.

There is quite a good collection of bubble dresses and long evening pieces as well and I will need to check out Coast KL to see if any of these designs are on the rack. My pick: the Loo Loo Dress, Thandle Duchess Satin Dress, Sera Jacket, Avalon Duchess Satin Dress and the Glitterati Duchess Satin Maxi Dress.

My favourite black selections.

The label’s Autumn/Winter Collection draws its styles from the 1920s to 1950s. The designs have strong silhouettes with attention given to details. Some of these details work while some like the broad white bow draped around the waistline of Couture Bow Dress just don’t go down well with me. But the black dress on its own will definitely look stunning on any woman.

Coast’s Parisienne Collection highlights ensembles in black and white. You can wear any of the tops made of lightweight knit material on-their-own or accentuate them by adding a Parisienne Collar available separately. On the site, I saw two types of collars – one is the Parisienne and the other is the Diana Collar. They are priced more than RM100 each. I guess during the sales, there would be considerable discounts and these are good buys.

I find the evening purses attractive – small and funky, especially the Ribbon Ruffle Bag and the Soft Petal Ruffle Bag.

Other nice accessories to own are the Queenie stole and the headband with feathers on it. They make great items for themed parties.

The Anneli Dress in Gun Metal color rocks!

There is more or less two months more before the end of Winter and Coast has already announced the arrival of its Spring 2009 Collection. While its Autumn/Winter Collection highlights colours like soft grays, greens, midnight blues and creams and is very much influenced by nature, the coming season’s collection is a mix of warm colors against cooler shades of grays, blues and greens.