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New girl in town

Posted by: Phat Mama, 4-Dec-2008

The first Kate Spade boutique opened in Malaysia in October and boy did I missed the event. At the time of the opening I was in Melaka for a job assignment.

Kate Spade is also available at Robinson's and since returning to Singapore I have been to the Robinson's outlet at City Hall but the shop assistant seemed "blank" when I asked for the label. Anyway, will drop by again on my next trip to town when I get my pay-check.

The Kate Spade boutique in Malaysia is located at The Gardens MidValley City in Kuala Lumpur. It has a floor area of 1700sq m and it stocks the complete range of Kate Spade jewellery, shoes, handbags, luggage, stationery as well as eyewear.

You girls can also drag your boyfriends along because the Jack Spade Collection is also housed here, along with some exclusive merchandise like cosmetics, clothes and gloves designed by the company.

This new outlet will strengthen its position in Asia further, adding to its existing 20 stores in Japan, nine in China, three in Thailand and several others in Singapore, Taiwan and Indonesia.

In 1993 Kate Spade started off with only six simple handbags but it grew so big even before it touched 15 years of business that Liz Clairborne Inc finally acquired it in November 2006. 
  • Hi... the Kate Spade Boutique is in Raffles City aka City Hall but it's not in Robinson's. No wonder the staff gave you a 'blur' look.