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A book to call your own

Posted by: Phat Mama, 24-Nov-2008

Sometime back, one of my friends passed me a website address for a company that does photo books. She asked me to check it out, even if I have no intention of having any of my photo projects done as yet. I did and was quite taken by the fact that the service is now available in Malaysia as this is not something new elsewhere in the world especially in the States. There are several companies in Singapore offering this service too.

A Photo Book is exactly that – a book. It contains photographs that have been printed in book form instead of copies of photos slotted into photo album sleeves. It is a very personalized book, custom-made to your preference. You can imagine it as having a book “published” just for you. And, you don’t even have to worry about minimal print order.

Owning a Photo Book is such a trendy thing among wedding couples especially. I’m thinking of getting one as a present for someone special. But it does take time sorting out the many favourite photos I have to include in the book.

Recently, The Wedding Hub, a company that specializes on all-things-weddings, conducted a workshop called Preserving Photos In A Coffee Table Book. The one-hour session attracted about 30 people made up of soon-to-wed couples, amateur as well as professional photographers. Conducted by Mark Koay, who is the Managing Director of Photobook Malaysia, the session gives participants some ideas on how to get started with their very own Photo Book.

The Wedding Hub conducts many other wedding-related workshops. For enquiries you can log on to or To see what Photo Books are all, visit or
So if you have loads of wedding photos that you think are beginning to collect dust in your old photo albums, maybe it is time you create your very own Photo Book.

However, do not stop at wedding photos only. There are many themes you can work on such as a Photo Book for your favourite photographs you shot yourself, one on fashion with photos of you dressed in your favourite clothes or designer wear, or maybe a book on just shoes, or even something on beauty.

One thing to remember though is to take into consideration the quality of the print offered by these services because end result is something you should be satisfied with.

Try these ideas and if you come out with something, do share them with me here.

  • that chocolate wedding cake looks so yummy!!! LOL

    have you started on any photobooks? would love to see some which you've worked on..judging from all your entries here, i'm sure it would be worth it to buy a photobook from you ;)

    keep up the good work!

  • Hey BM...glad you find this an interesting read. Sadly, all my Photo Book projects are half done but I am working on some Wedding Scrapbooks for friends. Maybe I will share them with you one of these days. Take care.